They are arguably the most famous tourist attraction in the world with a renown that has endured since ancient times. And it's no surprise that their mere presence has been sufficient to transform a tiny rural settlement into a glamorous modern tourist magnet. Egypt's most famous holiday destination is located to the west of Cairo and southwest of Al Marj and El Obour City. Ashmun lies directly to its north while Helwan and El Saf are located to its south. During your visit to Giza, you will be able to view its pyramid complex up close and even explore these marvels which have withstood both time and the relentless desert sands to continually amaze visitors from every corner of the globe. You will also get to view the mighty Sphinx etched from a single block of stone, and explore the vast complex on camel back. And when you step right back into the present, you will be amazed to still feel the lingering touch of their timeless splendour around you.

Once you arrive in Cairo, Giza itself is a mere bus or taxi ride away, no matter what part of the city you happen to be in. You can also take the metro and alight at Giza Station although you would still need to take a cab since the stop is about a 20-minute drive away from the pyramids themselves. However, if you prefer to head straight for the complex without having to make any stops, you will find Uber or Careem (the Middle Eastern version of the former) extremely convenient.

They are one of the oldest souvenirs of the ancient world and continue to inspire the same awe and amazement around the globe as they did millennia ago. And even though the majority their contemporaries have succumbed to the passage of time, they continue to remain majestic and ageless, watching over the vast metropolis of Cairo and the endless desert beyond. And you too will be able to gaze at these marvels of engineering otherwise known as the pyramids and even catch a glimpse of the secrets they hold. There is the Great Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops which is the largest of them all as well as the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure. There is also the Sphinx, skillfully carved from a single massive slab of rock. And thanks to the Sound and Light show, you will also have the opportunity to view them illuminated against the desert in all their glory with dazzling displays projected on to the Great Pyramid.