There aren't too many cities with so many faces which each tell the story of a different era. And that is what places Cairo in a class all its own. From its mighty pyramids, to its delicately designed Coptic churches right through to its Mamluk architecture, there is no doubt that this vast capital city, is simply filled with dazzling secrets all waiting to be discovered by you. The city of a thousand minarets sits astride the mighty Nile with Faiyum and Beni Suef to its south and Banha, Tanta and Mansoura to its north. If you love the idea of visiting immense ancient monuments, wandering about vast maze-like bazaars and admiring historic citadels, all you have to do is book a vacation to this enthralling city which will make all your dreams come true.

Cairo's reputation as one of the most exciting, fascinating tourist destinations is well deserved, especially since it has thrilled the world for centuries on end. And thanks to its immense popularity it is also home to the second largest airport on the continent, Cairo International Airport. If you happen to be arriving from Luxor, Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada, you will be able to alight at the airport following a flight trip of approximately one hour. Aswan, on the other hand, is slightly further since flights tend to take 90 minutes on average.  The city itself boasts an efficient metro and a public bus system. Taxis are also readily available with Uber and Careem being extremely popular.

For centuries on end, Cairo has enthralled the world like no other. And it's all thanks to the mammoth sized engineering and architectural wonders known as the pyramids.  Here you will be able to gaze on the Great Pyramid of Khufu which has enjoyed celebrity status for millennia, the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure and the immense Sphinx. Once you have admired the genius of the ancient pharaohs, you will be able to step into a different era which tells the tale of opulence and glamour all rolled into one. Here you will get to tour the Ibn Tulun Mosque with its delicate ornamentation, explore exquisite examples of Mamluk architecture and visit the 12th century Bab Zuweila.