The countries of the Middle East will enchant you with fascinating architecture and natural wonders, comprising a beautiful region to explore! Mighty rivers and untouched deserts with huge sand dunes combine with beautiful mountains and clear marine waters. From temples to pyramids and places of worship, the Middle East is where the past is always present, offering world class attractions that simply can't be missed.

Float in the Dead Sea, visit the impressive pyramids of Giza, see the beauty of rose-red Petra and relax on a Mediterranean beach in Turkey. Whether you want to snorkel and dive in the Red Sea or party in Tel Aviv, shop in Dubai or go on a cultural adventure in Egypt, the possibilities will make your head spin. Culture and adventure, recreation and water fun - the Middle East offers it all.

Home to some of the world's most interesting cities, this region provides a unique urban experience: visit the modern and vibrant city of Tel Aviv, the traditional river city Istanbul, or the impressive futuristic Dubai. A one of a kind experience is spending a night in a Bedouin desert camp and enjoying the desert landscapes of the Sahara or Wadi Rum. Or go on a river boat cruise on down the Nile river exploring ancient Egypt.

The Middle East holds a magical world for you to explore: immerse yourself in the hustle of the bazaars and haggle with the vendors, soaking in the colors and aromas of exotic spices. Visit a bath house and indulge in a Hammam cleaning ritual. Sit down in a traditional coffee house and relax from the bustling street life.

In this region where tradition is very much alive, hospitable people will welcome you with great warmth! Bursting with ancient sites and beautiful diverse landscapes, the Middle Eastern countries have something for everyone to enjoy!