First Time Travel Recommendations When Visiting Austria

First Time Travel Recommendations When Visiting Austria

Written By: Lobster

I recently returned home after spending a week in Austria and the trip was even better than I could’ve imagined. Austria is a centrally located European country filled with stunning landscapes, highly detailed architecture and just an overall amazing vibe for those visiting the area. Most people tend to visit Austria during the winter, as they head to the Austrian Alps in order to engage in many of the popular winter activities, such as skiing or snowboarding. The Austrian Alps are just as much of a draw to visitors as the Swiss Alps and they are as breathtakingly beautiful, but I didn’t wait until winter to see the country. Instead, I went to Austria during the springtime and mostly had a goal to see some of the architecture and just blend in with the locals as I like to do when I’m on holiday.

If you have never been to Austria, I wanted to create a list of places to go when it was your first time travelling to the country. Each of the various towns and neighbourhoods have their own feel so you can do no wrong whatever your itinerary is -- here are some of my recommendations simply because I like to see a variety of things and experience as much as possible on my shorter trips.

Zell am See

Though I didn’t do as much driving around the country as I wanted to, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the beauty at Zell am See. There are really no words to describe just how picturesque the little town is -- from the beautiful Alps in the background to the sparkling lake that the town sits close to, Zell am See is as close to a postcard picture as you can possibly get. Though I only drove through the town and didn’t have much time to explore, many visitors come to this town in order to enjoy the winter activities or the festivals that take place throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a road trip for the drive, many of the locals recommended taking the Grossglockner Alpine Road, which takes visitors around many of the most beautiful points of scenery throughout the entire country. I love taking driving trips when I’m visiting countries because I can see more of the country than just the top tourist destinations -- this gives me a well-rounded experience that is not just dedicated to visitors and allows me to see more of what life in a country is like.


Since I had never been to Austria before I decided to spend most of my time in the capital city of Vienna and even though I tried to see such as possible, I still need to come back many more times in order to see all that Vienna has to offer. The city has a vast history regarding art and music, but it also has architectural impact as well. Just walking throughout the city you’ll notice many different types of architectural styles dating back hundreds of years. While you’re visiting Vienna, keep your eyes open for any possible live performances, as many of the famous names in classical music got their start here including Beethoven and Mozart and many musical performances honour the composers throughout the year.


Another stunning resort town in Austria is known as Salzkammergut, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When I was in this town I just walked around and enjoyed the relaxing stroll and visiting the various shops and restaurants -- this resort area also has many hotels and world-class spas, making it a true destination for those who want the ultimate experience in Austria. Summertime is a great season to visit this resort town, as there are many recreational opportunities including horseback riding and cycling.


Close to Germany’s borders, Salzburg also has made a vast cultural impact on the world through its music and architecture. There are many points of interest in the city to visit, including Mozart’s birthplace, as well as just walking the grounds and various gardens that are spread around. From this gorgeous city, you’ll have amazing views of the Austrian Alps.

Austria is full of beauty and history -- it’s sometimes hard to imagine that it really exists because it was just a spectacular experience. Out of all my travels, I think that this is now one of my favourite countries because I had no expectations of what I would see or do and found myself completely mesmerized by its beauty and the charm of residents.

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