Explore the Netherlands in One Week

Explore the Netherlands in One Week

Written By: Lobster

I must admit that I am not the type of traveller who likes to spend only a small amount of time in a given destination. Even when I try to limit myself to only a few days in a certain city or country I find myself completely enthralled by the history and architecture, or even just soaking in the ambience of the food and the friendly people all around me. That being said, it is possible to see a variety of cities or destinations in a week, especially if you are on limited time or money.

I would also rather spend a week in a given location and then come back again to the area then try to see too much in too little time. If you are visiting the Netherlands, a week’s time is an adequate length of stay in order to see much of the beauty and history that surrounds the country, as well as the major cities, such as Amsterdam. As one of the more liberal countries in Europe, there is definitely plenty to see and experience that will leave you wanting to come back time and time again.

Here are the main points of interest that you should try to see when you visit the Netherlands in one week.

Amsterdam’s Canals

The canal ways in Amsterdam are iconic and one of the most popular attractions for visitors. There are many ways that you can enjoy exploring the canals, including a water taxi which gets you from one part of the city to the next or even just learning about Amsterdam’s history and checking out some of the architecture through one of the popular boat tours. If you prefer to explore the canals by land, there are many side streets that go along the waterways, so you can experience them like a local and enjoy their peaceful atmosphere. Many of the neighbourhoods in Amsterdam date back hundreds of years, so you’ll find no shortage of beautiful architecture and quaint little shops to visit while you’re exploring the canal ways.

Netherland’s Beautiful Flowers

When you think of countries like the Netherlands, easy to think of tulips, which coincidentally is the country’s iconic flower. One point of interest that is worth the detour is called the Garden of Europe, which is located just outside of Lisse and contains 700 different varieties of tulips! This visually stunning garden is full of colors and beautiful patterns made from various tulips and it is just a charming and quiet place to explore if you want to get outside of the city. Visitors to the Netherlands can see the garden at any point in time, as well as many other popular flowers, including crocuses and daffodils. If you think you might be bored walking through a flower garden, trust me – this is not your average garden.

Dutch National Musuem

For those who are travelling on a budget, museums are affordable and often free to explore and give you a great historical background and context for the place you’re visiting. The Dutch National Museum, which is located in Amsterdam, has been open since 1809 and has an impressive collection of art and antiquities. The stunning architectural building is so large that it also has seven million different pieces of art, spread throughout 250 different rooms! If there is anything you’d ever want to know about the Netherlands or Dutch culture, this is the place that you will discover all of it. Because the museum is so large, I definitely recommend that you spend at least an entire day exploring it and if you are in the city for a few days, you might even think about coming back a second time.

Anne Frank Museum

Another notable museum to visit in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank Museum, which highlights the life and words of Anne Frank, who perished during World War II. The beautifully restored home that Anne Frank and her family used as a hiding place is as close to its original state as possible and visitors to the museum will no doubt be impacted by the serene and poignant atmosphere featured throughout the museum.


Of course, no trip to the Netherlands is possible without seeing one of the famous windmills, many of which are located on the River Noord. There are 19 different windmills ranging from hundreds of years old and located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A must see for all visitors to the Netherlands!

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