A Weekend in London

A Weekend in London

Written By: Lobster

When you’re short on time but still want to visit a major city, it’s time to create an itinerary that gets you around as much as possible! Whether you’re visiting London specifically or you are passing through on your way to another destination, three days in London is enough time to see many of the iconic attractions in the city.

Here are my recommendations when you have only three days to spend in London -- keep in mind that in order to see as many attractions as possible, you’re going to need to pick and choose what you want to see the longest. Luckily, because there are so many attractions within a short walking distance in the city, you’ll be able to see many points of interests all within the same amount of time.

On day one of your stay in London, many of the different sites you can see include Trafalgar Square, which was created in 1830 and is considered the largest public square in the entire city. Next up you can walk over to Nelson’s Column, which is also located in the Square and built during the 1840s. The Square is a great place to visit when you want to just soak up the city’s ambience and enjoy people watching or just spend some time relaxing before you head off to your next attraction. The next thing to do is visit the National Gallery, which features over 2,000 pieces of art and is one of the most popular galleries in London -- this could take up some of your time, so be sure to only see some of the gallery or skip it altogether if you have other things you want to see more.

Of course a trip on the London Eye is always a London staple, as well as visiting Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, all of which are iconic destinations in London. You can see many of these beautiful sites within the same amount of space, so be sure to take pictures and if you have the time, I highly recommend you take a tour of Westminster Abbey or just walk around the grounds as you will find it is the burial place for many notable figures in history and has a vast place in British history, too.

Finally, at the end of your day, you can walk around Piccadilly Circus, which is another one of London’s famous public spaces as well as explore the area surrounding Buckingham Palace. On your first day in London, you will get quite a variety of iconic attractions and many opportunities to take pictures.

Day two of visiting London will take you out beyond the city limits to see many of the beautiful castles and landscapes of London; one of the most notable being Windsor Castle, which is a medieval castle and still a weekend home to Queen Elizabeth. Other interesting things to walk around and explore include the Prime Meridian of the world, which allows you to stand on the Meridian line that separates the Earth into two hemispheres -- definitely a cool photo opportunity. You can also stop by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich or visit the National Maritime Museum, if naval history and British history is your thing. Driving out to many of these locations will also give you an opportunity to see the more suburban areas of London and get away from the bustling tourist destinations.

Day three in London, you’ll find yourself back in the city exploring along the banks of the River Thames and you’ll want to check out many of the other museums or cathedrals in the area, the most popular being St. Paul’s Cathedral, which has gorgeous architecture and has a prominent part in many historic events. Cross the River Thames on the Millennium Bridge and then check out Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which is now a replica of the venue in which Shakespeare showcased many of his first plays.

Finally, finish off your short weekend by exploring the Tower of London, which in itself has a ton of history as does many other points of interest in London. The Tower Bridge is also one of the most beautiful and popular bridges throughout the entire world, so you should try to make effort to walk across or at least get some pictures of it during your stay.

You’re going to be extremely busy during your weekend in London, but this three day itinerary allows you to see many points of interest so that you don’t miss any of the iconic London attractions!

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