6 Best Destinations to Visit in England on Your Next Trip

6 Best Destinations to Visit in England on Your Next Trip

Written By: Lobster

Every summer, I spend a month visiting a relative in England. She lives about half an hour outside of London, which gives me the perfect opportunity to visit the city and many of the surrounding destinations. England is a vast country that has many points of interest, which will appeal to a broad range of visitors -- even though most people typically spend most of their time in London.

As much as I love London, England has so many other sites to visit including historical attractions, architectural wonders and even beautiful landscapes for outdoor recreation. Here are my six best destinations to visit in England on your next trip.


As one of the iconic wonders of the world, Stonehenge is one of my top recommendations for things to see when you’re visiting England. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which are various sites located around the world that holds significant cultural value or heritage -- so they are definitely an interesting destination to put on any itinerary list. Most people are aware of Stonehenge, and nearly 3,000 years after it is thought to have been created, people are still wondering just exactly how it was made and what its purpose was. Thousands of years later and we still have no answers! During peak travel times, Stonehenge becomes quite popular and busy.

Westminster Abbey

In addition to famous sightseeing destinations like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey is one of my favourite destinations in the city of London and is so beautiful and spectacular that every visitor to the city must take some time to visit. Westminster Abbey also has a vast history, particularly when it comes to the Royals and other dignitaries in English history. The Gothic architecture is extremely ornate and eye-catching, which is why it’s one of the most photographed sites in all of the city. Stroll around the Abbey and you’ll also find many famous individuals buried on the property.

Tower of London

There is so much history and culture throughout England, especially in London and the surrounding area. One destination that I always recommend people check out on their first trip to London is the Tower of London, which once served as a residence for the Royals and contained a prison -- the amount of history at the Tower of London is vast and completely fascinating. One recommendation when you’re visiting the area is to take a tour from one of the Beefeaters, which are famous icons in the area. These tour guides do a wonderful job giving you a history and context of the Tower of London, which I promise you is worth the time that you spend.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Throughout much of Europe, numerous cathedrals and abbeys are major points of interest. One of the most popular being St. Paul’s Cathedral, which has been a focal point throughout much of British history and served as the location for Princess Diana’s wedding. St. Paul’s Cathedral is 1,200 years old and visitors can climb up to the dome, which offers perfect views of the city skyline.

Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo

If you’re around Yorkshire, the Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo is the perfect place to spend the day as a family. There is a lot of entertainment available within the park including rides, live entertainment, restaurants and zoo -- visitors of all ages will find something to do and be entertained throughout the day. The zoo features over 140 different species and is appropriate for all ages. The Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo is also a great detour when you need to fill a day with entertainment and you don’t want to venture too far away from Yorkshire.

Kew Gardens

If you’ve had enough of city exploration, a trip to Kew Gardens is the perfect escape. Also registered as a World Heritage site, Kew Gardens has an extensive collection of rare and exotic plants. Even children will like a visit to Kew Gardens, as everyone can walk around on a tree top walkway and enjoy the variety of plant life. Kew Palace is also located on the site, which features a kitchen and other notable aspects enjoyed by the Royal family.

Aside from these top six destinations, England also has many other things to do whether you want to go on a road trip and explore many of the small villages, or you just want to sightsee around London and enjoy some delicious pub food – there is no shortage to what you can do in the country.

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