Hawaii – That Perfect Island Getaway!

Hawaii – That Perfect Island Getaway!

Written By: Krazy Kristen

When you’re craving the opportunity to get away from everything and enjoy some of the most beautiful island views in the United States, Hawaii is the place to go. Whether you’re traveling as a single or going to Hawaii in a group, there are so many things you can do that are fun, relaxing and adventurous. While you can easily spend a good amount of time on each island, I recommend planning a little bit to do on each of the gorgeous islands because they are all so different and have activities to enjoy.


Of course, when you go to Hawaii you always have to find things to do out in the magnificent blue water. Surfing is something I’ve wanted to try and many of the towns in Maui offer surfing lessons in a fun and welcoming environment. Even if you have had no previous experience with getting on a surfboard, trying it for at least a few hours will leave you with memories lasting a lifetime.

Surfing lessons and spots are available on many of the islands, so just keep your eye out while you’re driving along the highways until you come upon a local surf spot.


If you prefer to stay more on land and enjoy the views of the ocean, there are so many hiking trails to take advantage of in Hawaii -- especially on Maui. Hiking trails have a little bit of everything, whether you want to pass by volcanic craters, go through dense and beautiful rain forests, or you want to hike to one of the countless waterfalls, there is a hiking trail for every fitness level. If you are traveling alone, going on a hike with a travel group is one of the best ways to see private trails and will give you peace of mind. A naturalist is also a great person to take along on the hike because they can give you detailed information about the landscape and surrounding history.


Many of the top hotels in Hawaii feature luxurious and relaxing day spas with many unique features that are reminiscent of Hawaii’s best attributes. Soothing showers provide healing and rejuvenation and are very similar to the refreshing downpours experienced throughout much of the year. Other spa treatments include using volcanic ash and mud found in the surrounding areas that detox the skin and offer restoration to the mind and body.


Some of Hawaii’s islands are rugged and inaccessible, so one amazing way to check out the views is to enjoy a small cruise with any number of options in Kauai or surrounding islands – be sure to check out the Na Pali Coast, which can only be viewed by boats and is definitely a sight you will not want to miss. Day cruises or boat excursions are also a great opportunity to enjoy the water without having to worry about manning the boat -- just lay out and enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous island views.

Even though there’s plenty to see with the ocean, don’t forget to head more inland and enjoy the lush rain forest and freshwater rivers that go around the Hawaiian Islands. If you’re looking for little adventure, a kayaking tour is the thing to do -- many of them also take you on a short hike to hidden waterfalls that aren’t easily available to other hikers.


There is plenty of history to be enjoyed during a visit to Hawaii -- whether you’re looking for something like sugar plantation history or spots that are a little bit more contemporary. One of the more interesting spots to visit is Duke’s Museum, which is dedicated to the legendary competitive swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, also one of the best-known surfers. The museum also sits in the Moana Surfrider Hotel, a historic landmark and Waikiki’s first hotel. The hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and one of the hotspots for tourists to visit while in the area.

Sometimes visiting Hawaii doesn’t require an itinerary. Once you’ve arrived to the island of your choice, rent a Jeep and set out on any of the highways that go around the islands -- while you’re enjoying those stunning views, be sure to stop at any of the roadside eats to grab some of the iconic Hawaiian foods and treats and just relax and enjoy the nature surrounding you. Hawaii is that perfect place for rejuvenation and relaxation.

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