How To Start A Travel Blog For Free With Beat My Path's Online Blogging Platform



Millions of people throughout time have had the sudden urge to travel the world, escape reality, and start over with a process of discovery and self-awareness. It's no secret that one of the most desired lifestyles on offer is that of the nomadic traveller, so it's no wonder so many people take the leap into the unknown and want to discover HOW TO START A TRAVEL BLOG FOR FREE!!!

Whether it's a few-weeks' holiday, or a twelve month gap-year before you change direction and start afresh; the travel bug is always there - crouched in the back of your mind, whispering your name.  Maybe you want to turn life on its head and set out on a one way path to find peace within? Travelling the world and discovering new cultures, new experiences, new ways of life, and possibly even finding a new you, is a truly beautiful thing and something that can really inspire the best in people.

However, once you finally take that step, and you're travel dream is turning out to be everything you ever wanted, and more - what then? What do you do with these wonderful adventure stories and how do you inspire others with the lessons you have learnt along the road? How do you communicate the emotions, the enlightenment, and the new ways of thinking that you have achieved? That's we're we come in - YOU START A TRAVEL BLOG AND TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD!

People start travel blogs, diaries and journals, for a variety of reasons;

  1. To communicate with loved ones back home,
  2. To record the wonderful adventures they have along the way,
  3. To share their experiences with fellow travellers and,
  4. For the love of writing and story-telling

Beat My Path is the perfect hosting platform to help you start a successful travel blog! The best part about it is, where other options will cost a small fortune, we can help you achieve your goals FOR FREE!!! Read-on: discover how - regardless of your reasons for starting a travel blog - we not only have the best tools to get you up and running, but we can help you create a beautiful online platform to start telling your stories, today! The information listed below will not only show you how to start a travel blog with Beat My Path, but it will have you up and running within minutes!



Beat My Path is a brand new concept which does not exist anywhere else online - and it's taking the travel world by storm! Beat My Path is a free online travel blog platform which allows our community of bloggers to not only create a fantastic travel diary or journal for themselves, but also to communicate directly with our huge audience of monthly readers; telling their stories and experiences to the world.

Bloggers from all corners of the earth create fantastic travel diary and journal pages, posts and articles on their own unique "Beat My Path Personal Profile", which they can share amongst their friends and families as they choose. However, the really great thing about Beat My Path is that every blog post or article created, goes into a process of approval to be published and featured on our main website! Regardless of whether you're a beginner who has never written before, or a seasoned veteran holding ten Pulitzer Prizes, if you write a post with the Beat My Path software platform, it WILL be reviewed, and you will have a very real chance of being published! If your writing passes the test, and you create a fantastic piece of information that we consider to be helpful to our readers, we will gladly feature your article on our website for all to see and admire!

Get started today and have the chance to be seen by our ever growing audience of online readers from around the world. It doesn't matter if you're honing your skills and writing for a little bit of fun, or you're an Oxford Scholar; Beat My Path wants to hear from, YOU - get started today and tell us your travel stories!


At Beat My Path, we like to be honest with our writers, so they know what they're getting in to - before they get in to it! When it comes to starting a travel blog you have two options; you can start fresh, on your own; or you can use our FREE TRAVEL BLOG PLATFORM & HOSTING SOFTWARE and write for us.

Let us be clear; if your reasons for starting a travel diary are any of the four reasons listed above, Beat My Path is the perfect option for you to get started immediately. However, before we begin with why you should use our free online platform, we would like to discuss a more important topic; the overwhelming difficulties involved with starting a blog of your own, from scratch.

Most people set out with the best of intentions and dreams of becoming the next big travel writer, making money from article after article, written from a hammock over-looking crystal clear waters, sipping on a cocktail. We're sorry to break it too you, but this is NOT how it works! Starting a successful travel journal is a bit like winning the lottery, but you don't just "get lucky"! You actually have to work countless hours, spending huge amounts of money, with little to no return, for YEARS!

Before you ask yourself "How To Start A Travel Blog", let's address some of the issues that you may not have thought of until now, which will help you to decide the more important questions of, "What Do I Want To Achieve With My Travel Blog". We will highlight how these issues may affect your path to success if you chose to start a new blog on your own, from scratch. We will also endeavour to explain how these issues can be avoided by creating a blog with Beat My Path.


Starting On Your Own: Did you know when you search Google for "Paris Travel Blog", there are more than 30 million listings that appear? I bet you probably expected that, but have you ever really taken the time to think how that might relate to your ambitions of starting a travel blog?

Well, let's talk about it... If you're goals are to communicate and share your stories with other travellers, write for the love of writing (to an audience), create or engage that audience, or make money to pay for your travels; well that needs online traffic and website visitors, and unfortunately you're starting at the back of the line - behind 30 million fellow bloggers!

It goes without saying that if you're not on page one, you're post isn't being read! And, if you think it's as easy as flicking the go-switch, and all of a sudden you've cut the line straight to the top: we have some very sad news for you! It can take years of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and countless amounts of money to make it to the first page, so before you start out on your own, you need to ask yourself - do you have a few spare years and countless amounts of money? If the answer is no, you need to accept, the reasons you have for starting a blog on your own may never be fulfilled. So, is it the right option for you?

Writing With Beat My Path: While we may not rank on the first page of every travel related Google search, we do have a huge number of active readers who frequent our website on a regular basis, and our traffic numbers are growing every day. So when you start a blog with Beat My Path's online platform, your articles have the opportunity to be featured, published and read by a guaranteed audience, straight off the bat!

You don't need to worry about SEO, or getting to the top, or waiting years to do it, or it costing you even one cent, because once your articles are published on our public website, they are being read! Instantly your goals have a REALISTIC chance of success, as your stories will be instantly read by travellers from around the world. Create great content and engage and grow your audience - Beat My Path is no pipe-dream!


Starting On Your Own: We touched on the cost of Search Engine Optimisation above, which can be astronomical, but what if you're just writing to communicate with loved ones back home, or you just want to record your travel adventures for your own personal viewing, I hear you ask? Good Question - because if you're writing for friends and family, you really don't care if you rank on Google or if you have thousands of followers, right?

Well, that might be true, but even the most basic website or blog has expenses, initial and ongoing. And the second you decide you no longer want to pay your bills, well, there goes everything you worked for… Down the drain and lost forever! Do you really want to take the time and effort to create a beautiful masterpiece of your travels only to have it destroyed and removed because you can't afford to continue paying for its upkeep?

Let's outline a few of the typical website costs;

The Domain - This is the cost of purchasing a domain. Depending on the domain type you purchase, this is usually around $10 - $30 each year. Domains also carry optional extras such as "Domain Privacy"; this stops scammers and marketing companies from acquiring your contact details and harassing you with never ending sales calls. Highly recommended, but prices vary depending on the registrar.

Web Hosting - This is the cost of hosting your blog on a companys' server. Typically this can be up to $100 per month for a very large blog, but expect to pay around $20 per month for the average website.

Blogging Platform - Once you have a domain and you've purchased a hosting plan, now you need to find a blog platform which allows you to create a website and publish it. There are many good platforms out there to choose from, but they obviously cost money. Expect to pay between $10 and $100 per month, depending on the platform you choose and the optional extras you might require.

Blog Themes - Website themes are the colours, styles and layouts of the website - essentially the "design" of your blog. Most platforms come with a small selection of free themes to choose from, and you can always choose one of these free themes and get started right away. However, most of the free themes are very basic in their design; if you want a more professional looking website, you will need to opt for a more professional theme which can set you back between $30 and $500. There is also the option of a custom theme where a company will design you an original template which is totally unique to your brand and style. A custom theme will set you back between $3,000 and $20,000.

Blog Plugins - Plugins are external tools provided by companies to assist you in getting the most functionality and ease-of-use out of your blog. These plugins are totally optional and you can get by without them, but if you want to maximise your time and functionality, they will be an additional fee.

As you can see, the costs, both initial and ongoing, can be exorbitant and very expensive. If you lay out the initial expenses only to realise you don't have the time or effort to take your blog all the way, you will have wasted quite a large amount of money. There is also the issue that as time goes by, and you've spent years creating your blog, and endless hours curating your posts; if you can no longer afford the ongoing expenses, the blog will be removed and the memories will be lost forever.

Writing With Beat My Path: IT'S FREE!!! While you may not get the luxury of creating your own domain, or selecting or designing a custom theme to match your style and personality, you do get your own personal online space on our website, all to yourself! You will also gain access to all of the additional benefits that comes with writing for the Beat My Path community. No other company can offer you this, and it comes at no cost to you - initial or ongoing.

There are no hosting fees, no account set-up fees, or subscriptions for using our travel blogging platform, or any fee required for plugins - we have a team of experts who take care of everything for you! Oh, and remember when we told you how much Search Engine Optimisation costs? Well, we take care of that too! So, with a huge number of active readers already visiting our website each and every day, you have the opportunity to achieve your goals without laying out a single cent!


Starting On Your Own: When you decide to start a travel blog, you need to consider quite strongly; how much time and money do you have? If you're just writing for the people back home, you can skip this point completely - it's not relevant. But if you really want to be a player in the travel blogging industry, you need to take this point very seriously as it really is a dream-killer for most people. Bear with us, this will take a bit of explaining but there is a very strong point to be made!

Before we start we need you to ask yourself the following question; can you afford to travel to new and exciting places weekly, if not daily, experiencing the best attractions from around the world, all without receiving a salary, for at least two years?

Why? We're glad you asked!

When it comes to getting a successful travel diary, journal or blog started and taking it through to its successful completion, we have covered the issues above, regarding market saturation and the initial and ongoing website costs. These are hard enough things to overcome on their own, however, before you even consider those issues, you must consider the biggest problem of all; the thing that stops most blogs in their tracks - the time and money required to travel the world and write the wonderful stories you've been dreaming of. It's not so much a question of how much time and money you have to get your blog started - anyone can go on a holiday and come back with a box full of great experiences to write about. It's actually how long you can afford to consistently travel without working on any other project or job - because if you can't do it for a minimum of two years, you might as well give up now, SORRY!

Essentially, you can't write about Paris if you can't travel to Paris. You can't tell people the best things to do and see, or places to eat, or hotels to stay in, if you can't afford to do it yourself. Most people can't afford to pay for these things if they're writing for free and unfortunately most people aren't independently wealthy with passive incomes to rely on. The most heartbreaking part is, the process of building a successful travel journal, diary or blog, building an audience and creating a successful brand, takes the best writers and marketers around two years of constant full-time work. Successful bloggers will write new and interesting posts every few days, and to do this they have to have new and interesting experiences every few days - they treat this as a full time job and invest their entire life-savings into the risky leap-of-faith, with the hope that one day it will pay off. Either that, or they're filthy rich and just like to travel!

The thing you need to ask yourself is; will you run out of time and money before your travel blog makes it to the top? As we mentioned above; most travel bloggers take in excess of two years to establish their success, and this is all the while writing a new article every few days. If you can't afford to travel for at least two years, and write a new and unique post every few days, then despite your best efforts, and the best posts on earth, it may never gain the traction required to be a successful option. If this is the case, the costs involved in the initial setup may be spent in vain and a "free" option seems to be the only logical choice.

Writing With Beat My Path: WE HAVE GOOD NEWS - Beat My Path is already a well-established travel blogging platform with an already well-established reader base! If you want to write for us, it doesn't matter if you're travelling for a week at a time, a month every year, or for the rest of your life! Your profile page will always be there when you come back, and you can add to it piece by piece as you take your next adventures.

With Beat My Path you don't need to "gain traction". You don't need to "continuously engage your audience". You don't need to "worry about marketing". You don't even need to travel that often! If you are a great, engaging writer, and you take the time to create informative articles, you can get by with a few pieces a year from your annual holidays or weekends away. Over time, you will not only wind up with a fantastic, interesting travel blog (hopefully with a large following of your own), but also with a lifetime record of your amazing stories and memories.

Once you have set up your account, you can immediately create an article, and you can be writing your first article within minutes! From there, your articles go into an approval process to be published and featured on our public website. These can be read by our readers instantly, and the memories will stay with you forever! Not only does it cost you absolutely nothing to get started with Beat My Path, but you also don't have to continually pour money into trips that you might not be able to afford, just to have a remote shot at being read by even a single person. The Beat My Path software and online hosting platform is not only 100% FREE, but you can travel at your own pace, and write when you want to write... we, and more importantly, our readers, will be here when you're ready to pick up where you left off!


If you have read everything we have written, considered all the options and possibilities, and you still want to go out on your own and take on the world - we commend you! It's a hard and very challenging path you're about to walk and we wish you the best of luck at success! If you climb the mountain and gaze out over the summit, you will be all the more proud that you have achieved it on your own, and we applaud that type of courage!


The account setup process is simple and easy, and you can be up and running in literally minutes! Follow the instructions below and we look forward to reading your work!



So you're about to set off on your journey and you want to know how to get started on your travel blog? Great! The process is surprisingly easy and getting your personal page up and running can take as little as a few minutes.

The first thing you will need to do is set up your Beat My Path blogger account - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Once you have registered an account with us, it's only a matter of completing your profile information, creating a travel homepage, telling our users who you are by writing your personal biography, and uploading a profile photo! From there all you need are some posts about you're travels!

When it comes to writing your articles, regardless of the quality, everything you post will all be made live and available to the public on your personal homepage. This means even if we don't publish your piece on our main website, your work will still be there for your friends and family to see so they are always updated with your stories and adventures! However, what you really want is to get published, right? Once your articles are published on our main website, they will be read by our audience and website users - this is where the really great writers start to shine, growing their fan base and stepping out onto the main stage of the travel blogosphere.

Will you be the next big thing? Will you be our next top-blogger? Only time will tell, but if that's your goal, there's a few things you should know about creating the best possible blog so you stand out from the crowd!


As we have mentioned above, every piece of content written by our bloggers goes into an approval process, so we can find the best and most relevant information about the regions, countries, destinations and attractions listed on our website. It doesn't matter if we don't publish your article; it will still be made live on your personal homepage for your friends and family to view, but we're always looking for great travel information to help our users, and getting published on our main website can lead to an endless stream of possibilities - anything is possible with Beat My Path.

That said; before we get to the spoils, first you must get your work published! We want to outline some of our best practices in order to help you create the best blogs you possibly can and have the greatest chance of success. Here are a few things we consider essential to being published online;


The most important part of writing a great blog is to make sure the content and the information it provides is exceptional. You don't necessarily have to be the best writer on the planet, but the information you provide must be detailed and well set out so it can be useful to, and easily understood by our readers.

Make sure you explain what you liked, and why you liked it; describe the country, city or attraction in great detail, and speak from the heart - tell the reader what you felt when you had the experience and why you felt that way. You want to make the reader jump out of their skin, feel what you felt, and wish they stood where you stood.


When it comes to the images you include in your blog, more doesn't always mean better. The most amazingly written blog can be ruined by an overbearing amount of really bad photos - so if in doubt, only use the best looking images and leave the others out. That said, they don't have to be perfect! People want to see what they're reading about and it doesn't matter if you're not the world's best photographer. Bottom line - whatever you decide, don't let us scare you away from including every image you want to include, because at the end of the day, it's your blog and yours alone - add in whatever you want! Just keep in mind that when it comes to being published on our main website and standing out our readers, images matter.

Try to make sure your images are of the highest quality available. If you're taking photos from your phone, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a free image editing app called "Snapseed", which is available for download in all major smartphone app stores. This easy-to-use app allows you to instantly turn any bland image into a masterpiece bursting with colour and vibrance!


When it comes to getting published, we give a very high weighting to specificity. Basically, if you're writing about a country, then write about that country. If you're writing about an attraction, then write about that attraction. Try to stay away from writing about multiple un-related countries or attractions in the same blog.

For example; if you are writing about "Mexico", then write about Mexico as a whole, the cities you visited in Mexico, and your favourite attractions in those cities. We wouldn't recommend including the next country you visited along the way. If you visit more than one country, we recommend you split them into separate articles.


Most people tend to write generally, about a country or a destination they have visited. However, no one seems to want to write about the little guy - an entire blog dedicated to one specific attraction. It might surprise you to know that these are often the articles that are read the most. Think about it, when you're looking for information about a hotel, restaurant, bar or attraction; what are you going to read? Obviously, you want an article that details every aspect of the attraction you're interested in! Go a step further - do you want to read a 2 sentence review, or do you want a full-blown article by someone who can not only capture the feeling, but can positively describe the experience in every single detail - someone who makes you want to experience it for yourself!

For example; if you visit Paris and you loved the Eiffel Tower - write a blog about Paris, but then you should consider writing another one specifically about the Eiffel Tower, or the quaint little cafe you had breakfast at, or the luxury hotel you stayed in. It's these sorts of articles that not only get published, but really get the readers juices flowing!


Beat My Path is always growing and we can't grow without new and informative information! One of the easiest ways to get published on our website is to write a blog about a destination or an attraction that we don't have listed on our website. If it's not on our website, we want it on our website, and if you're the first person to write about it, of course we're going to publish it!


We, and our readers, LOVE lists. They are easy to read, easy to understand and they're full of great information! So what do we mean when we say lists? Something along these lines; "The Top 10 Things To Do In New York City" - write about your experience with the top attractions in New York City; tell the reader what each attraction is and what made it so great for you. Maybe you could try the "Most Beautiful Cities To See In Spain" or, "Top 10 Countries To Visit in Asia". Readers love to read them, and we love to publish them. It should go without saying, but make sure you don't just list a few countries and cities on the page - and that's it. For each country, city, or attraction that you list in the blog, you will need to write a few interesting paragraphs explaining what it is and why it made your list.


When it comes to travel blogs, we also like to hear your advice on a subject. Maybe that's regarding "Solo Female Travel In South America", or "Scammers in Beijing", or "How To Make Your Money Go Further in Australia". When it comes to these types of blogs, they need to be specific to a region, country, city or attraction, but our readers find them VERY informative - so tell us what you know!


So there you have it; these are our best practices for creating the best possible blog to get published! If you have any further questions regarding our process, or you would like to know how we can help you with your goals of becoming the best writer you can be, please contact us using the support module in your online user account. We wish you the best of luck with your future goals, we hope our guide on how to start a travel blog has helped you in your decisions, and will continue to help you along the way, and finally, we want to say a big thank you from everyone in the Beat My Path community - we hope you will join us soon!