Whistler – Canada’s Premier Winter Destination

Whistler – Canada’s Premier Winter Destination

Written By: Gracie

When you think about Canada, chances are the first things that pop into your head are luxurious ski resorts, gorgeous expansive outdoor landscapes and winter wonderlands -- and you wouldn’t be very wrong. Whistler is one of North America’s prime ski resorts and once you step foot in the area, you’ll completely understand why.

Every winter, I make the trek over to Whistler to practice my skiing and to just relax in this peaceful and beautiful resort. Not everybody likes to get out in the snow skiing or snowboarding, but that doesn’t mean you need to cross Whistler off of your travels list. You don’t even need to wait until wintertime to visit this magnificent resort town, because there’s plenty to do all year long if you love the breathtaking nature and gorgeous scenery that this Canadian town has to offer. Whether you like to enjoy fine dining and luxurious spas on your holiday or you want to get out on a golf course or try improving your skiing skills, Whistler is the place for you. A location such as this might be intimidating for the first time visitor, but it doesn’t need to be! I’ve put together some of my top activities and establishments to visit on your first trip to Whistler -- this is by no means a comprehensive list of things you can do because I know for a fact that once you visit this ski resort, you’ll be coming back for years.


As if the pictures alone of Whistler didn’t convince you enough that you need to be there, there are quite a few other reasons why Whistler should be one of your travel destinations very soon. If you like snow conditions and activities, this is the place to be -- there are over 8,000 acres of terrain that you can do any number of snow activities on including skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. In North America, Whistler consistently hits the top of the lists when it comes to comparing luxurious mountain resorts.

If you’re in Vancouver or in that general area, a trip to Whistler is not that far out of the way. Only a two hour drive to Vancouver, you can reach Whistler from the Sea-to-Sky Highway, which gives you amazing views throughout some of Canada’s best landscapes. If you’re a resident or visitor to Vancouver, Whistler is the best place to go for a little relaxation and rejuvenation on a weekend trip.

Once here in Whistler and near the Blackcomb Mountain, you’ll definitely need to get on the Peak2Peak Gondola, which is one of the best rides in all of North America. Be prepared for some amazing views as you enjoy a short ride on one of the highest gondolas around -- and if that’s not enough for your adrenaline, there are zip lines that will take you through some of Whistler’s best geographic features.


Depending on what kind of activities you want to enjoy during your trip to Whistler, you can go year-round. There are constantly activities and festivals going on throughout summertime and it could get quite busy, since it does provide Vancouver residents that perfect weekend getaway. While there are quite a few races and athletic festivals going on in the summer, there are activities for those who are not so athletic, like myself. There’s the Whistler Village Beer Festival which takes place in September, a foodie festival taking place in November and the Whistler Film Festival, which is hosted in December -- all amazing activities to partake in between the summer and winter seasons.


Even though Whistler is best known for its outdoor recreation, there is still plenty of shopping and nightlife, as well as sites to see, during your stay. A number of art galleries and boutiques are all located within walking distance of many of Whistler’s hotels and once you’re ready for a day of relaxation, head into one of the luxurious spas, my favorite being The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler. This is one of the most prominent spas in the town and is perfect for spending the day lounging and getting a full body massage or high-end facial.

Whistler is a true escape for anybody, whether you’re located nearby in Vancouver or you’re coming from United States and want to see how Canadians do ski resorts -- this town is pretty luxurious and you’ll definitely want to keep coming back every year.

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