Exploring Vancouver in Two Days

Exploring Vancouver in Two Days

Written By: Gracie

Vancouver is one of my favourite cities because it has amazing blends of both outdoor attractions and urban activities when I don’t know what I want to do during a visit. I like to stay active even while I’m travelling and Vancouver is one of those cities that has many parks and gorgeous nature areas that allow me walk around and take breathtaking pictures of the greenery surrounding me.

Public transportation makes it easy to get around if you’re staying in Vancouver for a short amount of time and still want to make the most of your visit. Two of my favourite transportation options are the SkyTrain and SeaBus, both of which give you unique vantage points and fun activities if you’re on a budget. If you’re in the city for a weekend, here are the activities that I suggest you do to get a good blend of activities in Vancouver.


Whenever I visit a new city, the first thing I do is browse the local advertisements to see if there are any farmers markets or public markets going on during my stay. These markets are a great way to taste local flavours, find unique vendors or just immerse yourself in that local atmosphere. The Granville Island Public Market is the largest in the area and has just about anything you could sink your teeth into -- be sure to try an artisanal cheese or pick up an assortment of goodies to snack on as you walk around the city.


Many of us take parks for granted, but a lot of them – including Stanley Park -- are more than just grassy landscapes. Stanley Park is a must-stop destination for me when I’m visiting Vancouver because I like to just enjoy the solitude as I walk around the five-mile path that meanders around flowering gardens and wooded patches. If you’re travelling to Vancouver with the family, this park is especially awesome because it includes a miniature train, aquarium and water park!


I have an interest in suspension bridges (I know, totally random) and I try to see them in the areas that I travel. Capilano Suspension Bridge is filled with so much history and architectural interest that you could really spend the entire day exploring the park. The adjoining Totem Park is educational in that it tells visitors about the stories of ancestors that once lived in the area. If you like a little rush of adrenaline, like myself, you’ll definitely want to check out Treetops Adventure, which comprises a number of suspension bridges 100 feet above the stunning forest below -- worth checking out!


Sure, a lot of visitors come to Canada during the winter months, and a trip to Grouse Mountain is definitely on the to-do list. Whether you like skiing or ice-skating, this destination is only a short drive away from downtown Vancouver and is fun for the entire family. Even if you don’t like getting out for a ski trip, you’ll love sleigh rides that you can do from the mountain. Grouse Mountain isn’t just place to go in the winter, either -- it’s just as amazing for the summer months. You can enjoy the refreshing mountain air and partake in a number of activities such as zip lining or going for a ride on the aerial tram way which gives you breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.


Back in the city, there are plenty of things to do in Vancouver’s diverse neighbourhoods. Gastown is full of history and is even considered a national historic site of the country! Walk around the fun cobblestone streets and pop into one of the historic saloons for a refreshing drink at the end of the day. The energy and ambience of Gastown is definitely fun and worth a stop.

Vancouver is truly one of my favourite cities because I can spend a day enjoying the urban landscape and visiting destinations like Chinatown, or I can hop on a whale watching boat the next day and completely get away from the city buzz. If you’re looking for a Canadian city that has it all, Vancouver is definitely on the to-do list and has so much to enjoy!

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