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Grace Williams
About Me

I’ve lived in Canada my entire life, but there is still so much I love exploring in this gorgeous country. One of my favorite things to do is visit urban areas – the neighbourhoods are so diverse there is always something new to see or experience.

When I am not travelling to a city, I love to spend the weekends outdoors. Escaping the noise of the city and social obligations and just get back to nature is one of the best ways I recharge for upcoming travels. I’m pretty adventurous, so you’ll find me either skiing in Whistler one weekend or going on hikes around Niagara Falls – there is always something to do in Canada.

I decided to start blogging to give others an idea of what to see or do when they visit this amazing place – if you’ve never been to Canada, it could be overwhelming to figure out where to go. That’s what I hope to help by blogging my travels!

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