Solo Travels Through Amsterdam

Solo Travels Through Amsterdam

Written By: Flipper

One of my first travels away from home was to the city of Amsterdam. As the capital city of the Netherlands, I had heard so many things about the rich culture and history and thought it would be the perfect destination to begin my travel blog.

No matter what time of year you visit Amsterdam, there’s always something to see and do. Whether you’re ready to walk around the city centre or you want to explore the surrounding area, budget travellers and those with extra time or money always find unique and interesting things to experience during a trip to Amsterdam. As a solo traveller with little more than a backpack, I set out to walk around the city and see anything that caught my eye.

I thought of some activities and points of interest that I thought new visitors to Amsterdam would be interested in seeing or experiencing. While I’ve grown up in a suburb of London, I’m fairly used to a busy city, and even going to Amsterdam for the first time was eye-opening and mesmerizing. One of the first things I noticed was just how many people used bicycles to get around. As one of the most cycle friendly cities, Amsterdam features a good amount of flat streets and biker-friendly paths -- it’s a quick and easy way to get around without worrying about hiring a car or dealing with traffic.

As I picked up my bike for the week long trip through Amsterdam, the man at the bike shop told me that there are nearly 800,000 bikes in the city alone -- in other words, there are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people who live there! Riding your bike throughout Amsterdam is an experience in itself and it was an amazing way to see and explore canal ways and other points of interest without worrying about finding parking or dealing with car related issues. During my entire experience Amsterdam, riding my bike is one of the highlights and super affordable for those who are budget travellers or travelling alone.

There are many neighbourhoods throughout Amsterdam, but one that really stuck out to me was Jordaan -- this quaint little neighbourhood has so much to see and experience, as well as features art galleries, gardens and many restaurants. This area used to be part of the working class, which is still evident in the amount of boutiques and businesses that round out this thriving area of the city. Though I like to often show up to the city without a map and just wander around, Jordaan was mesmerizing and I spent so many hours just browsing the various shops and being soaked up in the ambience.

I know many travel bloggers don’t often like to ‘waste’ time by visiting museums -- and I use the word waste very loosely. Many of my fellow travel bloggers prefer to get out and explore the area rather than sit inside of the building, but I actually find that there is a lot of value and interest by seeing the various museums in a certain city. It’s interesting to see the art and culture that is housed in exhibits throughout a city museum and Amsterdam is the perfect destination for those who love art -- there are three museums in particular that I’m sure will interest many people and they’re all located at the cultural centre of the city, known as Museumplein. This old world district features beautiful architecture and picturesque landscape – a lovely place to visit any time of the year.

Amsterdam is famous for all of its canal networks, so one of the things I wanted to do was explore the city on a canal cruise. Aside from seeing the beautiful city around you, the canal cruise also highlights many of the cultural or historic aspects throughout the city, so not only is it a fun excursion, but it’s also an educational one. While the canal cruise is a beautiful way to see the city during the day, it’s even more beautiful at night when all of the lights are on over the buildings and bridges. If you don’t have anything else planned in Amsterdam, be sure to add a canal cruise to the list.

Aside from visiting points of interest and attractions, the food is also important aspect of any travel. In Amsterdam, raw herring is a traditional food and available at many street carts throughout the city. While it might sound a bit intimidating, raw herring is and Amsterdam favorite and best served with pickles and onions! So delicious – you need to try it.

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