Best Reasons to Visit Denmark

Best Reasons to Visit Denmark

Written By: Flipper

Like many other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a fun getaway. After spending some time exploring Denmark’s major cities, I wanted to create a blog about all the reasons why you should visit Denmark on your next holiday -- there are so many unique aspects to Denmark and it contains a truly diverse landscape and culture, which is something that I imagine will surprise many people after they are done reading this blog.

There Is So Much History

History in Denmark goes back thousands of years and I’m pretty sure that even those who claim they’re not interested in history will find something fascinating. There’s a lot of lore when it comes to country including Viking history and ancient civilizations, even those who don’t care too much of learning about Denmark’s history will learn things walking around the city and exploring the various historic monuments and buildings. For those who truly like history, there are plenty of ancient artifacts and destinations to visit including Viking camps and battle reenactments. As a travel blogger, one of my goals is to visit all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and there are some in Denmark to explore.

Denmark Has Beaches

As a Scandinavian country with plenty of coastline, even those looking for a beach holiday will find something in Denmark. There’s a massive amount of coastland in the country, including 8,700 kilometres of beach landscape. During the summer, locals head to the beaches and many of the coastal cities which contain a vast number of bed and breakfasts and seaside cottages, which are quaint and so perfectly suited to the Danish beaches.

It’s Full Of Culture

While travelling is fine as an activity, I primarily use travel as a way to learn about cultures and different people. Denmark has a great range of cultural activities and points of interest to visit including festivals throughout the year that revolve around film, food, and fashion. During a trip to Denmark, also be sure to check out the popular destinations regarding famed writer Hans Christian Andersen. The food culture in Denmark has also grown exponentially over the years and contains something for every budget -- as a budget traveller I like to dine on many of the traditional classic flavours of Denmark or grab street foods that are inexpensive and quick to eat.

Navigate Through Copenhagen

As the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is easy to explore on foot or bicycle. Many of the popular attractions in the city are close together, which makes it easy to see a good portion of the city in a short amount of time. For this reason, even short weekend visits to Denmark or Copenhagen are possible. The ambience of Copenhagen is also welcoming and relaxing, as it gives you an urban setting with a more relaxed feel -- perfect for those who want to experience a big city without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to explore beyond Copenhagen’s city limits, Denmark is also full of other quaint little cities that feature fjords and national parks – one of the most popular being Aarhus.

Perfect for Budget Travellers

As a budget traveller myself, I always enjoy going to a country that is budget friendly. Denmark has lot of inexpensive activities and many things that you can do using a bike or by walking, which saves money instead of using a car hire. There are many national parks throughout the country which are enticing for those who like to get outside and hike or backpack -- during summer months, water sports are especially popular including kayaking and boating.

In terms of actual destinations to visit, there’s a little bit of everything to accommodate the interests of many visitors. One of the most popular destinations in Denmark is the Kronborg Castle, which is said to have influenced William Shakespeare in many of his plays. As one of the busier tourist destinations, expect larger crowds during peak travel times. Denmark is also home to its own theme parks -- one of the most popular being Legoland in the city of Billund. This is a great place to spend the day as a family and it contains a number of rides, activities and many Lego exhibitions that people of all ages will enjoy seeing.

Denmark is not always the top of the list when it comes to travelling, but as you can see here there are many reasons why it should be; it’s one of my favorite Scandinavian countries and I can’t wait to visit again!

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