5 Reasons Why I Love Switzerland

5 Reasons Why I Love Switzerland

Written By: Flipper

For those who have been to Switzerland, they can understand why people fall in love with it, but for a lot of travellers, Switzerland is often a forgotten country because it’s small and surrounded by many other popular destinations. After recently coming back from a week-long stay in Switzerland, I was still so immersed in my experience even weeks later.

In the hopes of convincing other people to take their next holiday to Switzerland, I have created the five reasons why I love Switzerland.

There's So Much Diversity

I was surprised on my first visit just how many different cultures are located within this rather small country. There are three main regions in Switzerland dedicated to Italian, German and French - mostly these cultures are located closer to the borders of the country that they’re influenced by, which allows you to experience a range of languages, food and cultures within a short amount of time. Many of the major cities in Switzerland are located closer to the German border and include Basel and, of course, Zurich. Western Switzerland is dedicated more to the French culture and includes the city of Geneva. The Italian region of Switzerland is located to the south and features the city Lugano. Though each of these regions still features a Swiss cultural undertone, it creates a very unique and interesting experience to visit the various regions within the single country.

Public Transportation

Since I generally travel solo, the last thing I want to do is be hassled with hiring a car. I love going to countries where there is a substantial public transportation option and Switzerland has one of my favourites. Out of all the major cities I have ever visited, Switzerland has the best working train system -- not only do all of the trains arrive at the exact time, but transferring and getting across the country is easily done with a single ticket. The convenience and simplicity of the public transportation system makes it one of the five reasons why I love Switzerland. If you’re sticking to the city, the railways are an easy way to get around and you can also take a ferry as another option.  

Gorgeous Scenery

One of the main things that first led me to visiting Switzerland was all of the pictures of the Swiss Alps -- most notably the Matterhorn. There are so many breathtaking destinations within Switzerland, my favourite being Zermatt, located near the border of Italy and Switzerland. After you finish visiting the Swiss Alps, there are many other scenic destinations that you’ll enjoy -- I recommend using the train to get you from one part of the country to the next, as it’s a perfect way to see the landscape uninhibited.

There Are So Many Castles!

Growing up in England, I’ve been around my fair share of castles, but the ones in Switzerland are so different and much more ornate -- it’s as if fairytales have come to life. One of my favourite castles to visit is the Chillon Castle, located in the French region of Switzerland and gives you amazing views of Lake Geneva. Other gorgeous castles worth visiting include the Hohenklingen Castle and Munot Fortress.

Delicious Food and Chocolate

Switzerland is best known for a variety of dishes -- one of the most popular being fondue, which is so delicious and comforting on a cold night and consists of melted cheese and used as a dip for bread and vegetables. Overall, foods in Switzerland are rather healthy and don’t contain a lot of preservatives – there’s nothing better than going to the bakery and picking up a fresh baked loaf of bread or eating a traditional dish like hash browns or tender veal smothered in a cream sauce.

Switzerland also has a very high reputation in the world of chocolate and one of the most luxurious chocolate factories in the entire world is headquartered in the country. Located in Kilchberg, which is close to Zurich, the Lindt factory has been a staple to Switzerland since the turn-of-the-century. If you’re in the area, you’ll definitely want to visit the factory and pick up some of these delectable chocolates.

There is so much to explore both throughout the cities and regions as well as outdoor activities, which means that you’ll probably need to visit Switzerland time and time again to get the true impact of just how amazing this country is. The Swiss people are friendly and welcoming -- they just add to the reasons why I love Switzerland!

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