Netherlands is full of beauty in many of its major cities as well as the surrounding suburbs – but there’s one place where it’s completely evident: The Hague. Referred to as Den Haag, this thriving city is the third-largest in the country and filled with luxury and glamour – from the beautiful mansions that dot the streets to the plentiful embassies, The Hague is the place to go when you want to enjoy the best in theatre, food and culture! Just a short distance away is the coastal escape of Scheveningen, which has its own charm and appeal for those who want to experience all that the Netherlands has to offer.

As the centre of Dutch government, Den Haag is also home to the royal family – which is why the city has a distinctive and noble air about it. Though the capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the government and royal family make its home in The Hague – and it’s also home to numerous other entities, including the United Nation’s International Court of Justice. Embassies are also located throughout, which gives The Hague its diversity and a growing international community.

For those visiting the city, whether passing through or taking the time to explore, there’s plenty to experience no matter how long you plan to stay. Historic points of interest and public spaces are especially plentiful throughout The Hague – some of the most popular places to explore and soak up the surroundings include Madurodam and the Skyview de Pier. Madurodam is a tiny, interactive theme park that shows you all there is to see in the beautiful Holland landscape and iconic touches – canal homes, wooden shoes and windmills are some of the quintessential things to see as you explore the theme park in miniature form.

There are plenty of royal palaces and government buildings to visit, including the Peace Palace and countless museums, ranging in subjects from the Prison Gate Musuem to the Historical Musuem of The Hague, which is a beautiful art museum!