Between the gorgeous canals that meander through the city to the mass number of museums, shops and points of interest at every turn, Amsterdam is a world-renowned destination that keeps people coming back time and time again. From the beautiful architecture to the progressive lifestyles of the locals, Amsterdam – and the Netherlands in particular – offer so much in terms of travel and experiences.

One of the iconic features of Amsterdam – aside from its reputation around the world – is the beautiful canals that take you through nearly every aspect of the city. When exploring Amsterdam, there’s no telling what you might find at any turn – whether you come across a quaint little garden, a vintage boutique with some of the rarest finds or even a sweet café with the best coffee you’ve ever tasted – Amsterdam is the place to explore without an itinerary because there’s just no way you can plan for some of the adventures that will come your way. While it’s always recommended to arrive in Amsterdam and explore your way through the city on foot or bike, there are some things you will definitely want to make time to see – the tulips for one thing. A rainbow of colors is featured in many public spaces that create the essence of a landscape painting – something you will truly have to see in order to understand just how gorgeous the vibrant colors look against the backdrop and architecture of the city.

Plenty of Dutch influence is also seen throughout Amsterdam, from the buildings dating back hundreds of years to the ultra-modern homes that are cropping up throughout the city – this major destination in the Netherlands is quite a visual experience. As you walk around, you’ll also find some of the newest breweries serving up the finest concoctions in Europe, as well as high-energy nightclubs, tech hubs and so much more. Whether you want to see the old-world Amsterdam or want to experience all the newness that the Netherlands has to offer, you’ll find it walking or cruising throughout much of the city!