The Netherlands is known for windmills, cheese and wide fields of tulips; but the contemporary Netherlands is so much more! Its multicultural society and relaxed lifestyle offer plenty of interesting experiences!

The Netherlands is a flat country, with its vast farmland lined by canals under a wide open sky. A lot of the country is situated below sea level so large dams secure the reclaimed land along the coastline. Take a walk or ride a comfortable Dutch bike along these endless paths and enjoy the view and winds. The Dutch love their bikes called "fiets" and there are bike paths literally everywhere. Seeing as the land is so flat, it is a nice way to get around its cities and explore the countryside.

Go see one of the many museums and churches or visit the national parks, where grass-covered dunes alternate with low-rise forests and the maritime life blossoms. The Netherlands has been home to famous artists and architects, so make sure to see the works of Rembrandt or van Gogh in one of the world-class museums.

A journey to the Netherlands is not complete without a trip to its famous capital Amsterdam, a city permeated by many canals called Grachten. Have a coffee in one of the cafes along the water and people watch for hours on end. A true touch with history is guaranteed in Anne Frank's house where she and her family were hiding during WWII.

See the beautiful port city of Rotterdam and explore its modern architecture and top museums. Then go to the country strolling through one of the many picturesque villages with their unique brick architecture and pretty churches. Or take a trip to the seaside and enjoy a beach holiday at the wind-caressed North Sea. Make sure to taste some of the freshly caught seafood while you're there and don't miss out on the Netherlands' world-famous cheese, some waffels or Poffertjes, delicious little powder-sugared pancakes.

Take a trip to the Ijsselmeer, a big inland lake to go fishing and enjoy some watersports. Or go for a horse-back ride on the beach dipping into the surge! A truly beautiful experience is the "Keukenhof", a garden with 7 million flower bulbs, creating a beautiful sea of flowers in spring.

The great public transport system will make it easy for you to travel around. So come and discover this country's treasures - the Netherlands is waiting for you!