The largest city in Switzerland and considered the heart of the European region, Zürich is filled with art, culture and history -- as well as its fair share of contemporary amenities and attractions. Considered one of the most beautiful and most livable cities in the world, visitors to Zürich will be impressed by its picturesque views of the nearby rivers and lakes, as well as the plethora of museums and art galleries that are located throughout much of the city. Due to its vast number of financial institutions, Zürich often has the reputation of being one of the wealthiest cities in the world -- as well as being chic and progressive in the world of art and culture.

Zürich is unique in that everywhere you look you will find remnants of old world and historic buildings -- much of the historic architecture has been kept in place, particularly from the churches and small winding streets that weave throughout various neighborhoods. However, even with the old world still prevalent throughout Zürich, instead of undergoing a full transformation, the city has masterfully used the once-empty buildings and factories and transformed them into hip and contemporary living spaces and working centers.

The nightlife in Zürich is also well-known and, in fact, is home to the most clubs in the country -- no matter what time you show up to a club, chances are the rest of the crowd will be just getting started! The lack of closing times and the open-air venues throughout the city make it a desired hotspot for countless visitors during the warm summer months. Zürich is also the place for art lovers to congregate – out of the 50 museums within the city alone, 14 are dedicated solely to art. One of the most beloved institutes, the Kunsthaus Zurich, features an extensive collection of photographs, paintings, sculptures and more. The Swiss National Museum is another amazing place to visit and is housed in a gorgeous castle that hosts a wide range of exhibits highlighting the cultural history of Switzerland.