When someone mentions the word Switzerland, chances are one of the things that come to mind first are the Swiss Alps. Officially known as the Alpine region of the country, the Swiss Alps are an iconic part of the country’s geography and history. This massive region spans from Lake Geneva to Lucerne and beyond, and is lovingly referred to as the ‘heart of Switzerland.’ Visitors from around the world spend the summer months exploring the Swiss Alps, enjoying all of the beautiful scenery while going on hiking excursions or simply driving about the various valleys or stopping at a Lakeside resort to soak in the picture-perfect views. While the Swiss Alps are definitely more accessible during the summer months, there are still those who trek out to the Alpine region during the winter to enjoy a range of snow related activities and sports.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about this are without mentioning probably the most famous mountain in all of the region -- the Matterhorn. Located closer to the Italian border, this iconic mountain is often difficult to reach but completely worth it if you are in the area. For most visitors, exploring the Swiss Alps means visiting the Bernese Oberland area – it’s usually the place that sees the most tourist activity due to its easy accessibility.

One of the best ways to see most of the Alps is to explore the region by rail or car as you travel to the various mountain resort villages -- this gives you the opportunity to see the Alps up close and personal while also experiencing a good portion of the country’s famous resort villages. The Swiss Alps span much of the country, so whether you are spending most of your time in Switzerland or you plan on traveling to the various neighboring countries, chances are you’ll see some spectacular views no matter where you go.