Switzerland is a small alpine country with beautiful unspoiled nature. Its high mountains, green valleys, majestic lakes and picture perfect villages provide an unforgettable holiday experience! The beautiful rural scenery is best visited by foot or on a bike. Make a stop in one of the mountain huts, have a delicious snack and enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-capped Alpine peaks!  

There are picturesque mountain villages with red geraniums in their windows, and cows grazing on green meadows. On the other hand there are also big cosmopolitan cities to explore: the major Swiss cities resemble a blend of culture, tradition and modernity. Visit the capital Bern and its museums and gardens. Or, try the picturesque lake cities of Zurich and Geneva for shopping, dining, pristine lake views and water activities.

The transport system in Switzerland is excellent and you will see a lot of the nation’s natural beauty by taking a train across the country. Switzerland provides numerous Alpine adventures: there’s hiking and mountain climbing in summer, and skiing, sledding and cross-country skiing in winter. Stay in a timber Swiss chalet near the slopes for an authentic experience! The outdoor activities are endless: from rafting or mountain biking on the many biking trails, to swimming and sailing on the beautiful lakes, there really is something for everybody!

The Swiss cuisine holds some superb dining experiences for you: try the cheese Fondue or the Raclette, cooked yourself in little pans on the table. Don’t forget to sample the various types of cheese and indulge in the famous Swiss chocolate. Not only will their chocolate have your taste buds in a spin, but it also doubles as the perfect souvenir for the loved ones at home!

Be it unspoiled nature and tranquility, outdoor adventures or cultural experience - Switzerland offers something for every sort of traveler!