With its enchanting Moorish style architecture, the dreamy fragrance of its bittersweet citrus fruits and the mesmerizing rhythms of the flamenco, Seville is the very essence of a sunlit, golden paradise. The city which lies on the Andalusian plain, is divided by the Guadalquivir River and is located northwest of Malaga, northeast of Huelva and north of Cadiz. Whether it’s the majestic Alcázar in the glow of sunset, its lush tropical gardens gleaming with morning dew or Seville’s gigantic cathedral, the Andalusian capital is filled with marvel after marvel. And there can be no doubt that you would want to relieve each amazing moment again and again, even when your vacation’s over.

Regardless of where you are vacationing while in Spain, the wonders Seville has to offer are just hours away. Rail is one of the best options for reaching this city with a trip from the capital, Madrid lasting under three hours, while the city of Cordoba is just one hour away. Travelling by bus is another mode of transport worth considering with a journey from Granada and Malaga lasting three hours and Cordoba, two hours. Seville’s transport network runs like clockwork and regardless of whether you choose to travel by metro, rail or bus, you will be able to get to your destination in record time. There are loads of other great options too such as the city’s bike sharing scheme which everyone is welcome to participate in and even river cruises which are amazing on a hot sunny afternoon.

One of Seville’s star attractions is the Real Alcázar, a majestic palace complex that is a striking example of Moorish architecture. The lucky Spanish royal family actually gets to live there, but you too will be able to admire its lush tropical gardens and expansive courtyards and experience a touch of the palace’s magic. Next on the list of awe inspiring monuments, is the Seville Cathedral which is simply one of the very largest Europe has to offer. During your visit you will get to view its intricate design and artifacts which it contains in abundance. In addition to its fantastic architecture and amazing history, Seville is also a city of mesmerizing rhythms embodied by the flamenco. Nothing beats a live performance and the city is filled with bars and restaurants where you will be able to watch such magic unfold up close while enjoying a relaxing drink.