Only few places make it possible to step out of the present into the past and back again as effortlessly as Malaga. Thanks to its ancient fortifications, its expansive palace complexes and bustling market, Malaga is very much a city where the traditional and the modern are inextricably entwined. This Mediterranean coastal city which is fondly referred to as the Costa del Sol’s capital sits a mere 130 km from Europe’s southernmost point with the city of Cadiz to its west, Marbella to its south and Granada to its northeast. During your vacation you will get to explore its intriguing past, wander through the lush Parque de Málaga and even sample freshly grilled sardines on the beach.  In other words, you will have so much fun, you will hardly want to leave!

Marbella with its expansive coastline set against a magnificent backdrop of mountains is one of the closest cities to Malaga and is just 52 km away. If you have been enjoying its luxurious treats and have made up your mind to venture even further, you will be able to fly in to Malaga or alternatively take the train and arrive at the city’s relatively brand new María Zambrano station. If you happen to be arriving from the city of Granada which is 132 km away, a trip by bus is one of the best options since it is the only one which has a direct connection between the two cities and lasts just under two hours.

The tranquil, sedate city of Cadiz on the other hand lies just 169 km away from Malaga with a train trip lasting just under four hours. One of the best-known gateways to the city’s intriguing past is the mighty Alcazaba which is one of the city’s most impressive monuments. This hilltop complex was once home to the region’s rulers and several beautiful fountains and gardens make up some of its most memorable features. The Picasso Museum as well as the Museo Casa Natal de Picasso are worth placing on your sightseeing list especially if you are a fan of the arts and of one of the city’s most famous sons, Pablo Picasso. The Parque de Málaga provides the perfect opportunity for a stroll in the shade of its lush palms while its fountains and sculptures only add to its elegance.