Russia is the largest country in the world offering cultural treasures and beautiful serene landscapes to all travelers. With its colorful onion-shaped domes, historic churches and stunning palaces of the Tsars, Russia is nothing less than a fantasy land, waiting to be discovered! There are numerous castles, cathedrals, palaces and churches to see, and lots of activities to be carried out for the nature adventurers.

The vast land features stunning nature and in its wildness provides an exciting adventure experience: go white-water rafting, trekking in the wilderness or climbing in the Ural Mountains. You can ski on Mount Elbrus, hike in Altay, take a cruise on the big Volga river, or travel to the Black Sea coast to swim or go sailing.

Visit St. Petersburg, the jewel in Russia's Imperial crown, with many cultural treasures to discover. The beautiful historic center features lavish palaces and is built along many canals and bridges, which is why it is also called the "Venice of the North". Don't miss the impressive Winter Palace, part of the complex that houses the world-famous Hermitage museum.

In the cultural capital of Moscow, make sure to visit the fortress complex of the Kremlin with its palace buildings, cathedrals and museums. Visit the Red Square with the famous colorful St. Basil's cathedral and its distinctive architecture - one of the top tourist attractions in Russia. Moscow is known for great shopping, dining and nightlife, along with world-class museums, ballet and art. Russia has always nurtured a creative arts scene, generating famous theater and ballet ensembles and world-class writers like Tolstoy.

Apart from the historical sites and cultural activities, Russia offers rural delights in its idyllic countryside. Visit the picturesque village of Vyatskoe and enjoy its traditional customs and delicious cuisine. Or explore the historic cities of the Golden Ring, for example Suzdal, a charming historical town, resembling an open-air museum. Take a trip to Lake Baikal, the largest and deepest freshwater lake on the planet, known as the Pearl of Siberia. For a special experience take the Trans-Siberian Railway and go on an epic train ride of eight full days across the country from Moscow to Vladivostok!

A visa is needed for entry, which has to be obtained via the Russian Embassy or Consulate prior to the journey! Despite the apparent corruption and bureaucracy, Russia still is one of the most magical places to travel to. The distinctive culture and welcoming hospitable people are the biggest treasures of this country. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to engage with the locals and share some Vodka!

Russia's palaces, churches and serene landscapes make it a romantic place with lots of amazing experiences waiting for you!