Norway is such a captivating destination – you can easily find yourself spending time in the capital city of Oslo and enjoying all of the contemporary comforts, or you could venture out to the pristine landscape throughout the country and enjoy an entirely different vibe. When you want to experience a side of Norway that seems so picture-perfect, look no further than Tromso. Situated nearly 400 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle, Tromso is a small town with so much personality and ambiance. From the chilly and dramatic fjords nearby to the icy surroundings – what else could you expect being so close to the Arctic Circle – there’s just something so magical and enticing with Tromso. Connected by a beautiful bridge to the mainland, this lovely destination is definitely worth visiting when you’re in the northern part of the world.

While you can easily expect high-end dining and a total modern vibe in Oslo, Tromso gives you a part of Norway that’s been there for centuries. Once known as a predominate location for trapping and fishing, the city also served as a starting point for many an Arctic Circle expedition. There’s definitely one thing that attracts people to Tromso throughout the year: stunning views of the famous Northern Lights. That’s not to say that Tromso isn’t full of energy and all the amenities you could want when traveling – actually far from it! The city has its own buzz – there’s a local university drawing in a young demographic, not to mention all of the cultural attractions and growing pub scene that entertains visitors during a visit.

Tromso might feel world away from Oslo – and that’s a good thing. A beautiful drive up the coastline of the country and then over the bride, a stay in Tromso gives you a true Scandinavian experience. Visiting during summertime means you’ll find endless greenery and the freshest of atmospheres – but if you want a true winter escape, what can be better than Norway?