Considered one of the fast-growing city capitals in Europe, Oslo is one place visitors go to enjoy its past and its present. Some of the most profound figures in art and culture come from Oslo – but its also an amazing destination to explore as you enjoy the contemporary attractions and thriving culture scene. Throughout the city, you’ll find countless museums ranging from art and history – the architecture in and of itself is worth exploring as you walk through the various streets and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Despite its reputation as being one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, Oslo also has the distinction of being amazingly green – meaning it has one of the smallest carbon footprints and a wide range of public transportation options, which is perfect for any traveller. Sustainable food and local ingredients ensure visitors are enjoying the best meals and there’s always a gorgeous park or space to relax after you’ve spent some time walking through the many points of interest. Oslo is also perfectly located near many other Norwegian attractions – the ski slopes are a must during winter and if you love the outdoors in summer, the waterways and beautiful islands are just a quick drive away from the city center.

Like many other countries around it, Norway – Oslo in particular – is fast becoming a food scene with some of the most notable chefs in the world creating spectacular dishes. Once upon a time, Oslo’s food scene was fairly basic and underwhelming, but today it’s rivaling some major competition in the culinary world. From Michelin starred establishments to quaint coffee shops and street food, a delicious meal or beverage is never too far away! Of course, you’ll still want to enjoy some of the simple foods best known in Oslo, like the polse, which are hot dogs. The diversity of inhabitants that call Oslo home have also brought some of the best dishes – even pizza and sushi – right to Norway’s doorstep. The nightlight is also thriving and on any given night, you’ll find yourself immersed in a high-energy club with uber-talented DJs.