Mighty fjords, charming cities, midnight sun, and the great northern lights make up the Kingdom of Norway; a country presenting stunning unspoiled nature and lovely people throughout. The largely uninhabited land makes for a relaxing holiday: deep forests, majestic fjords and arctic tundra combine with sandy beaches next to green fields and picturesque fishing villages with brightly colored wooden houses at the water. Don’t miss going on a Fjord excursion riding on a ship through the impressive cuts with high mountains rising on both sides; you might just see some of the most beautiful waterfalls running down the cliff faces from the glaciers above.

In winter prepare to see one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, the Aurora borealis (northern lights). This otherworldly display of colors on dark northern sky is truly breathtaking!

Norway is a playground for adventure tourists: see polar bears and reindeer in the snowy Arctic, go fishing in the icy seas, try dogsledding or hike the mighty glaciers – Norway’s stunning nature is awaiting you! You can cycle along river banks, relax on beautiful lakes and hit the slopes in winter. Stay in one of the cozy wooden huts, right next to the ski lifts and enjoy the magical winter wonderland outside!

Visit the capital Oslo and its vibrant cultural scene. Tour its museums and admire Munch’s famous “The Scream” painting; then visit the futuristic opera house and walk up onto its roof to gaze out over the magnificent view! You can go on many trips and boat rides into nature; or take the ferry to the Viking ship museum, where you can see well-preserved Viking ships dating back to the 9th century.

Make sure to also visit the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway’s second largest city surrounded by mountains and fjords. Enjoy its cultural offerings, bars and restaurants, and stroll along the famous wharf Bryggen, with its beautiful wooden historic townhouses lining the harbor.

The vast country of Norway is quite expensive in comparison to other European countries, but has a very good infrastructure and its public transport system will get you almost everywhere. Norway is one of the last unspoiled nature paradises on earth! Go on a Scandinavian adventure and explore this stunning country on your next trip!