It has come down through the ages as one of Europe’s most enchanting and intriguing cities. And today, it’s very special allure continues to draw crowds of tourists in search of the city famed for its gondolas and canals, its intricate glasswork and the lovely operatic music it is famous for. Situated in northern Italy, the City of Masks is distributed over a cluster of tiny islands on the Adriatic coast and sits east of Verona and north of Ravenna, Bologna and Ferrara.

A vacation in this floating city is a treat which will prove to be the experience of a lifetime. You will be able to view its breathtaking architecture, enjoy a ride in a gondola, and even participate in the festivals which bring the magic of the city alive in a special way. Compared to the vast, modern fashion capital Milan, Venice offers a completely different experience and will bring you face to face with some of the most alluring aspects of Italian culture. And if you intend to exchange the trendy shops of the former for the sights and sounds of the latter you will be able to arrive in a little over two hours by train. The capital city itself is also a few hours’ journey away and connections are also available from the city of lights, Paris via overnight trains. One of Venice’s peculiarities is the fact that it is a pedestrian city since no vehicles or bikes are permitted. Water buses and water taxis are however available and are an enjoyable means of exploring the city.

One of the very best ways to start off your vacation in Venice is by taking a guided tour of the Doge’s Palace which will bring you face to face with the opulence in which the rulers of the city lived centuries ago. A visit to the Ca' Rezzonico museum will also bring you up close with the lifestyle of the Venetian upper-class while Murano’s Museo del Vetro is the best venue for admiring some of the most beautiful glasswork created in the city. One of the most enduring images of Venice is of its many canals and gondolas and it is definitely worth taking ride on these famous watercrafts. Sampling the delectable specialties of each city is always a great idea too and while you are in Venice you will be able to visit the i Tre Mercanti which is filled with a variety of really delicious offerings.