A trip to Killarney is a must on the itinerary of any holiday to Ireland. It’s difficult to explain just how beautiful this Irish destination truly is -- from the lush green landscape to the jeweled blue skies, Killarney is a favorite amongst travelers to Ireland and has been for centuries. Featured on the famous Ring of Kerry drive, which takes visitors through some of the most scenic destinations on earth, Killarney has a number of historic points of interest, breathtaking castles and cathedrals, not to mention one of the highly recommended national parks in the world.

Nearby Killarney National Park, the first in Ireland, was created in 1932 and features a variety of rugged topography and breathtaking waterfalls that are perfect to experience on a scenic drive or hike. After exploring the National Park, a trip to one of the many castles is in order -- and it’s hard to choose exactly which ones you want to see! Ross Castle, built during the 15th century, is a historic fortress that is open to the public and interesting to explore.

Muckross House, built during the 19th century, is a breathtaking mansion that features a good number of artifacts, beautiful architecture and has a café on-site. One of the best ways to explore Killarney is by simply taking a scenic drive in any direction -- you’ll find waterfalls, wooded areas filled with an assortment of hiking trails and plenty of green spaces that will entice you to spend the entire time outdoors during a trip to the town.

Though much of Killarney is laid-back and more rustic, there are still plenty of modern amenities and gorgeous places to visit during a stay. No matter what your budget, there are many accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to bed and breakfasts -- perfect depending on what you want to do during a visit to Killarney. The city has access to some of the freshest local produce and foods, which means that any dish you eat in Killarney is sure to be of the highest quality and just like everything else in the city there’s a wide range of options from fine dining all the way to pub food!