As the capital city of the Republic of Ireland located on the East Coast, Dublin is one of the most visited cities in the entire country. It contains a variety of historic buildings as well as parks, museums and plenty of cultural activities for visitors of all ages. Everything that you can imagine about Ireland is located in Dublin -- from the quaint cobblestone streets to the lively pubs and vibrant greenery, there’s nothing about the city the visitors and locals don’t love!

Dublin’s long history -- dating back centuries -- is seen in many aspects of the city. From the beautiful cathedrals and medieval castles to the modern architecture, the eclectic contrast between old and new is one of the things that gives Dublin its charming personality. While a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone at Dublin who doesn’t recommend a night of drinking at one of the traditional pubs filled with high-energy and gracious people. Compared to some of its neighboring cities, Dublin is considered rather modern and throughout the last two decades has grown more diverse in its culture and people -- this allows the city to develop more options in flavors and experiences.

Beer lovers never go to Dublin without one important stop – the Guinness Storehouse.  The brewery takes guests throughout the property on tours about how this famous beer came to be and offers tastings as well as a rooftop bar, which features amazing views of the city. If beer isn’t your thing, spend the day exploring Dublin Castle, which dates back to 1204 and has a massive museum, gardens, state rooms and more! As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is also known as the commerce center and where the visitors and locals all gravitate -- no matter what your budget or how long you plan on spending in Ireland, a trip to Dublin is often filled with beautiful and historic architecture, new and innovative foods as well as Irish classics and of course an Irish pub experience which should be enjoyed by all even if you choose not to indulge in a brew!