Ireland is a small, beautiful island in the Atlantic; called the Emerald Isle for its stunning green landscapes. Apart from rural idyll, it features exciting cities, prehistoric sites and celebrated musical festivals!

This mystical island has a long history, visible today in its historic stone circles, castles, cliff-edge forts and monasteries. Visit the impressive Bru na Boinne, an important prehistoric landscape full of ancient monuments, and three large passage tombs with extraordinary megalithic art inside.

Ireland’s distinct landscape is probably its most famous feature: Cycle along the stunning cliffs at the Atlantic coast or ride a horse through its green hills and enjoy the beautiful view!  There are wide stretches of land where you can really discover your true self; as you walk through its calming landscapes you can free your mind from any preoccupation, breathing fresh air and soaking in the peacefulness. The wild and rugged surroundings have inspired many mythological traditions and stories which are still told today.

For a social and true Irish experience, visit a pub and have a famous black Guinness beer! Enjoy the social and familial atmosphere and engage in conversation with the genuinely friendly patrons. If you’re lucky there will be some live Irish folk music played, urging you to dance with its upbeat tempos! A special day to be in an Irish pub is on the national holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, when parades are held and everybody dresses in green! Join the festivities and get lost in the omnipresent cheerfulness and all day party!

Apart from rural living, there are exciting cities to visit: See the lively beautiful capital Dublin, bursting with sights, music, pubs and nightlife. Equally interesting is Cork, with lots of live music and a vibrant arts scene; charming and energetic at the same time. Take a trip to Blarney Castle and kiss its famous stone upside down for eloquence and good luck!

Ireland has unique beautiful landscapes and friendly people with a lively culture to offer anyone gracing its green lands. You can be sure to have a splendid holiday when you visit!