Folegandros is the sleepy Greek Island where time stands still and authentic traditional culture reigns true over the more common touristic luxuries one might find on other islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos. Put simply, Folegandros is where you go to relax! Better yet, it’s where the Greek population goes to relax! There is no glistening nightlife. There are no crowded tourist shopping streets. There is no cruise-ship port. There is no coastline that is jammed-packed with sun-beds and loud music. It’s just, perfect in every way.

So what does Folegandros have to offer then? Peace and quiet, pristine scenery and natural terrain, tonnes of amazing Greek cuisine, a picture-perfect traditional village that hasn’t changed in decades, perfect weather, and some of the most amazing beaches you will ever see – all without the crowds you will find on other Greek Islands! Get in quick though, this hidden-gem won’t stay this way forever!