Though many typically think of Athens and the many ancient ruins when the word Greek comes to mind, some of the most beautiful islands in the world are situated nearby. Crete is one such island and in fact is the largest and contains a unique topography from one end of the island to the other. The Island of Crete is also very prominent in ancient Greek mythology – it is said that Zeus was born in the Ideon Cave, which is located within Mt. Ida, the tallest range on Crete.

Crete is a spectacular destination for a traveler who wants a little bit of everything on a holiday. From gorgeous Mediterranean views and seaside ambience to historical points of interest and everything in between, Crete is full of tradition, welcoming locals and astounding beauty. For those who like a little bit of adventure, the island also accommodates many interests. Whether you want to take a car and go out exploring on a driving tour throughout the island, or you want to go hiking and see firsthand important locations in Greek mythology, there’s always something to do that will take you up close and personal with the geography and ambience of the islands. Crete also has some of the best beaches in the region -- luxurious fine sand and sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean are just two simple reasons why visitors opt to travel to Crete -- not to mention all the possible water activities including kayaking, snorkeling and boating in such a fabulous location.

As beautiful and welcoming as Crete is, there is still so much culture and history to soak up during a stay. From a geographical standpoint, the island has been a vital part of Greece’s military history and its ocean ambience has been crucial for its traditions and customs. Walk around any number of the villages and feel welcomed in one of the coffeehouses, or plan to visit when one of the many festivals take place on the islands -- or simply come visit Crete to see for yourself why it’s such a popular destination in Greece!