Often regarded as the ancient capital of the world, Athens is one of the top destinations when you want to explore significant cultural and historical artifacts. While many visitors arrive in Athens hoping to see some of the iconic landmarks and ruins, there is still so much more to the city as it has vastly grown with its famous landmarks. From any point in the city, you will see many of the ancient ruins – the Acropolis stands tall in the distance no matter where you are located. Because ancient landmarks are all around, the sense of an old-world atmosphere permeates every portion of the city and gives it such a unique and charming vibe. Even as Athens undergoes a modern transformation, there are always historic and ancient parts of the city still highlighting the important roots of the Greek culture.

Throughout the decades, Greece has undergone trying times -- most recently with an economic collapse that caused tourism to drastically decline. However, within recent years, travelers from around the world are visiting Athens and its surrounding cities once again. A palpable energy is featured throughout the city -- whether you want to explore the ancient ruins that are located throughout or you want to visit any of the markets and cafés, the friendly people of Athens are welcoming and create such an energetic atmosphere that keeps visitors mesmerized from the moment they arrive.

During a trip to Athens, of course it’s important to check out all of the ancient ruins – the Acropolis Museum, Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus are just a few of the ruins that see a good amount of foot traffic and travelers. After you’ve explored the ruins themselves, nearby museums allow you to continue on exploring culture and history of ancient Greece -- exhibits contain many archaeological finds, including jewelry and sculptures that truly illustrate what life was like thousands of years ago. After you’ve explored all of the iconic points of interest around Athens, find your way throughout many of the tiny neighborhoods for open air restaurants and delicious, authentic Greek food – the ultimate ending to a fantastic day!