Greece is a country blessed with historical and cultural treasures as well as stunning natural beauty. From ancient ruins to pristine island paradises and delicious food, this country has something for everyone!

Imagine crystal seas and mountains covered in green, low tree forests under a wide blue sky. Home to endless beaches and romantic bays, the turquoise shores will provide a great swimming experience and relaxation retreat. A true treasure is Greece’s magnificent island world: inviting and begging you to experience it’s wander through one of the many island hopping cruises on offer! Visit the biggest island in Greece, Crete, and see its beautiful beaches and unique nature. Take a ferry to romantic Corfu, enjoy the picturesque white and blue architecture on Santorini, or party the night away in Mykonos. The deep blue Aegean Sea provides you with all kinds of water activities, including sailing cruises, diving and jet skiing. If watersports aren’t your thing, try hiking or rock climbing at Mount Olympus: home of the Greek Gods.

Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization: its history spans four millennia and it is here where democracy, Western philosophy, drama, political science and major mathematical principles were invented; it’s ever the birthplace of the Olympic Games! There are plenty of incredible historic sites to visit, offering a link to the past through Greek mythology: see the sun-bleached ruins of Olympia, where athletes used to compete for greatness, or the unique Apollonian temple where the oracle of Delphi was consulted.

Make sure to see Athens, a city bursting with history, and explore the ancient Acropolis and famous temple Parthenon. Don’t miss visiting one of the picturesque small villages and enjoy meeting the hospitable and family-oriented Greek people. Indulge in traditional Greek cuisine offering its deliciously fresh dishes; try Tzatziki and Moussaka, fresh Feta and olives, and wash it all down with a glass of Ouzo!

Featuring ancient history and culture as well as beach fun, nature and nightlife, beautiful Greece offers something for everyone!