Home to many of the financial giants -- including the European Central Bank -- Frankfurt is known as a financial hub to the region and is one of the most populated cities in Germany. Much of the city was rebuilt after it sustained extensive damage during World War II, and visitors can still see some of the remnants of the historic pieces throughout an excursion. One of the most popular events that takes place throughout the year in Frankfurt is the Christmas market, known as Romerberg, which is located in Alstadt.

Compared to its sister cities throughout the country, Frankfurt is considered one of the more modern destinations -- clearly evident as you look around at the extensive number of glass and concrete skyscrapers. As a major business and financial hub, Frankfurt is often compared to other thriving metropolitan cities including New York and Tokyo. Because of its importance in the world of commerce and trade, Frankfurt is also a major destination for business travelers, as well as those visiting on holiday. Throughout the year, a wide number of popular trade fairs and festivals take place in Frankfurt which also attracts visitors from around the world!

Despite all the indications of its modern influence, Frankfurt still has all of the old-world charm and tradition that you find in many other German cities. Cozy villages offer delicious food and beverages, while street art and retail boutiques are located in nearly every thriving neighborhood. The extensive collection of museums rivals Berlin and its offerings -- no matter what interests you have, chances are there is attraction or museum that highlights that particular subject. The younger population and nearby university means that the nightlife and overall energy of the city is exciting throughout much of the week -- perfect if you want to balance out your daily explorations of museums and architecture with something a little more high-energy in the evening. Plenty of parks and green space are perfect for relaxing after a day of walking around -- one of the most popular destinations is the Palmengarten, which houses impressive greenhouses and a wide array of foliage.