Many cities throughout Europe are old and full of historic charm and architecture -- but Cologne offers a little something different that will definitely entice visitors to spend time exploring the area as they meander through Germany or this part of the region as a whole. For those who appreciate architecture, Cologne is the place to go when you want to fully immerse yourself in Gothic architecture. At every turn, there’s a breathtaking cathedral or historical structure that is mesmerizing in its design and details -- whether it’s the famous Cologne Cathedral, which also offers unbelievable views of the Rhine River – or any number of the museums, Cologne’s architecture is on full display.

This isn’t the type of city where you expect to spend a couple of days wandering about and get your fill before you head off to the next destination! Famous museums that cater to any interest are located at various points throughout Cologne -- head over to the Museum Ludwig for a comprehensive collection of art and world-famous masterpieces by renowned artists, including Picasso. Of course, there’s always the Romano-Germanic Musuem, which highlights antiquity dating back to the Roman era – if you’re into chocolate, there’s even a museum for that! The Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum is heaven on earth for a chocolate lover and contains thoughtful exhibits on the history of chocolate ranging from ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs, to today’s chocolate consumption.

Cologne also has the distinction of being the birthplace of Eau de Cologne – which was created in 1709. Today, visitors can meander throughout the Fragrance Museum on a guided tour where the aptly named Eau de Cologne was first created! Though many cities throughout Europe feature plenty of modern attractions and points of interest, Cologne is considered the place to go when you want to explore and learn about history and architecture -- on a simple walk throughout the town you’ll find structures that date back to the ancient Romans, as well as postwar and avant garde buildings. To say there is an endless amount of Cologne to explore would be an understatement and its exactly why visitors are so in love with the city!