Coastal cities have a really special charm which simply can’t be found anywhere else. Especially when they come drenched in sunshine for most of the year and even manage to evade winter’s glacial touch. If that sounds like your holiday destination of choice, you will love visiting the largest of them all in France: Marseille. The inspiration for France’s national anthem, La Marseillaise, Marseille is located on the Mediterranean coast, close to the Bay of Lion with the city of Toulon to its southeast and Nimes and Avignon to its northwest. Once you alight at Marseille you will be in for a vacation unlike any other with the opportunity to explore charming shops and markets, tour soaring cathedrals and watch fishermen sell their fresh catch. All you need do is book your holiday and pack your bags and you’ll be right there in this amazing city in no time at all.

The best holiday destinations always have something for everyone and Marseille is no exception with its museums, cultural events and exciting nightlife. Best of all, it’s only a few hours by train away from major cities. Tourists arriving from the equally amazing sunlit city of Nice will arrive at Marseille St. Charles train station in just two hours while those arriving from the famed City of Lights will be able to arrive in three hours. The city’s Marseille-Provence International Airport located 30 km from its center, is also a key flight hub connecting major French and European cities and there is a ready supply of buses which shuttle between the airport and the city.

One of the perks of visiting a Mediterranean coastal city with amazing weather is getting to swim and relax on the beach and one of the best spots in Marseille for enjoying the sea up close is the Corniche walkway.  Visiting the Vieux Port will enable you to feel the city’s pulse as you watch fishermen sell their catch. Strolling through Le Panier with its shops and cafes is a great option for continuing your adventure while La Plaine farmer’s market will provide you with the opportunity to sample the region’s fresh produce. Marseille is also home to more than a few impressive monuments and during your visit you will be able to tour the Notre Dame de la Garde which holds a special place in the hearts of the city’s fishermen as well as the vast cathedral known as the Major. You will also be able to experience its thriving club scene thanks to venues such as Casa Pietra, E-wine and Marengo which will add a touch of excitement to your vacation.