The beautiful and diverse country of France is the world's top travel destination, and rightfully so! Impressive landscapes and rich history combine with beautiful sights and excellent cuisine to offer you a deluxe travel experience! Boasting numerous first-class attractions such as the Eiffel tower, the Palace of Versailles or the Cathedral of Notre Dame, France is simply unbeatable!

Prepare for awe-inspiring cathedrals and castles, vast vineyards, romantic river valleys and long beaches and sand dunes. From the wind-caressed beaches in Brittany, to the Atlantic shore and the Mediterranean coast in the south, France provides a beach experience for every sort of traveler.

Travel to lively Nice and St. Tropez at the Cote d'Azur on the Mediterranean Sea, go camping under pine trees along the Atlantic coast, or visit the port city Bordeaux and enjoy some seafood along with its famous red wine. Go on an outdoor adventure trekking in the Pyrenees, skiing in the glaciated Alps, or cycle along beautiful rivers through France's wine country.

Filled with stunning architectural creations and home to numerous famous artists like Monet or Chagall, France offers a rich cultural experience. There are plenty of historic towns, beautiful ruins and stunning castles to see throughout the country. Make sure to visit some of the impressive museums and famous art galleries.

The beautiful country's capital Paris, also called the City of Love, is featured in numerous films. The cultural heart of France, built along the river Seine, is bursting with art museums, galleries, cabarets, parks, clubs and deluxe shopping possibilities. After an extraordinary cultural experience, sit down in one of the many cafés and bistros and enjoy a delicious pastry or croissant watching the Parisians walk by.

Food plays an important role in French culture and its cuisine is world-renowned, so prepare for a superb dining experience. Don't forget to taste French cheese, as well as the famous champagne and world-class wine!

Travelling and savoring France by soaking in its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and superb food is a journey you won't forget! What are you waiting for?