One of the most beautiful cities in the world, visitors come from all over the globe to see the architecture, culture and history of this magnificent destination. There’s something for everyone to enjoy – whether you love shopping and seeing some of the finest theatre productions, or visiting castles and other notable historic points of interest that are on your must-see list, London is a city for everyone. While many think of London as just the city centre, there’s a lot to explore when you arrive in the city. Though there is a good amount of high-density buildings and attractions, head out to the skirts of London for that quintessential English countryside experience – top recommendations include Kew Gardens and the Hampton Court Palace.

Like some of Europe’s finest cities, everywhere you look in London you’ll find visions of the old world – many of the buildings throughout the quaint streets are steeped deep in history. Everywhere you turn, a landmark is not far away – from the famed Big Ben to Westminster Abbey and Tower of London. There’s no end to what you can see and do in London during a stay of any length. While this beautiful English city is very well known for it’s history and charm, there’s still plenty of modern innovation to enjoy as well. The diverse population also gives London a plethora of new sights, sounds and flavours scattered throughout the numerous neighbourhoods and streets. Even throughout the famed museums and historic landmarks, you’ll often find some wonderful collection of art and culture on display – blending London with the rest of the world! 

When you want a spectacular view of the city and surrounding area, head over to the London Eye, which goes at a comfortable pace of 0.6 miles per hour to take visitors 135 metres above ground for stunning panoramic views. From the top of the wheel, you’ll see a good part of the River Thames and the city centre, in addition to Buckingham Palace. The London Eye can be experienced day or night – for something a little more romantic, book a champagne trip for a unique experience at sunset!