The little Kingdom of Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe, including the overseas territories Faroe Islands and Greenland. It is a peninsula at the northern tip of Germany, famous for its arts and architecture, Danish design and fabulous cuisine. This beautiful city, without doubt, always ranks at the top-end of global quality of life surveys, and its inhabitants consider themselves the happiest people on earth!

There are long wind-caressed beaches, perfect to take a walk on or a dip in the summer. It features impressive castles and interesting Viking sights, like the rune stones and ship-shaped burial sites. You can cycle along the long bike trails in the countryside, hike or horseback ride through the national parks, or engage in watersports like kayaking and fishing. Take a trip to the famous white cliffs at the island Mon or spend some time in the Hans-Christian Andersen Museum in Odense, where the famous writer lived during his childhood.

Denmark features picturesque half-timber villages, farms and relaxed cities; the most famous being the capital of Copenhagen. The cozy and modern metropolis offers plenty of cultural adventures, cafes, bars and Michelin starred restaurants. Cycle around the city’s canals to see its beautiful castles, the legendary amusement park Tivoli Gardens and the famous bronze Little Mermaid Statue. Don’t miss visiting legendary Christiania, an autonomous neighborhood, where alternative people have been living in a commune since the 70’s!

From here, take a trip to Roskilde, situated on the same island as Copenhagen, and explore its history. The Viking ship museum holds original 1000 year old Viking ships, which were found at the ground of a nearby fjord!

Denmark is one of the design hotspots in Scandinavia and famous for its pure Scandinavian style. Leave room for some stylish Danish souvenirs, clothes and household items to take home!

The Danish love to enjoy “hygge”; an untranslatable feeling of coziness. This can derive from candlelight, huddling under a warm blanket and sharing a good meal; but above all has to do with spending time together with friends and family, enjoying the good things in life. Come to this wonderful country and find out for yourself what hygge is really all about!