Europe is a small but very diverse continent consisting of a dazzling variety of about 50 countries in a relatively small space. Travelling for a few weeks means you will be able to visit multiple exciting countries in one journey, offering you the travel experience of a lifetime! There is a myriad of options to be explored: ancient Greece, romantic Paris, or vibrant Spain - you pick your favorite!

Europe is known as the "old continent" because of its long history and world influence, visible even today throughout a countless number of historic sites. Its many countries make it a very diverse continent with many distinctive cultures, histories and sights to explore. It is bursting with culture such as theater, live music, arts and museums. Get ready for breathtaking landscapes and bustling big cities, as well as picturesque villages, and delicious cuisines to be savored.

Travelling through Europe means getting to enjoy all the diversity this continent has to offer. Whether it’s swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Greece, enjoying renaissance art in Italy, going on a Mediterranean Sea cruise or skiing in the Austrian Alps, there is a multitude of activities to be carried out. Enjoy the canals of Venice, Spanish dolce vita, the beer gardens of Germany, or the buzzing nightlife of London, Paris and Barcelona. You could even go on a culinary adventure, tasting genuine Italian or Greek cuisine. Given the multitude of travel possibilities the only thing you will have to worry about is choosing where to go!

Moreover, travelling around Europe is safe and simple due to an elaborate public transportation system which facilitates getting from one place to the other with ease.  So, all in all this beautiful treasure box of a region holds something for everyone. Get out your pen and paper and start planning because there is a truly amazing experience waiting for you!