Top Reasons to Add Fiji To Your Travel Bucket List

Top Reasons to Add Fiji To Your Travel Bucket List

Written By: Charlie

Chances are you have seen Fiji and you certainly don’t need any top reasons why you should add Fiji to your travel bucket list, but nonetheless I’m here to provide some sort of guide for those who have never been to this gorgeous destination. If you have decided to visit Fiji, no matter what you decide to do it will be perfect, but for those who want to make the most of their visit, there is more to exploring the island than just sitting on a sandy beach.

If you’re getting ready to plan your dream vacation, you’re going to want to make the most of your trip especially when you’re travelling to a destination like Fiji. While the South Pacific Island is definitely best known for its picturesque landscape, there are still plenty of other things that you can do and have fun. I recommend spending at least one week in Fiji in order to get a well-rounded experience with plenty of activity and relaxing. Here are some of the top reasons to add Fiji to your travel bucket list.


Viti Levu is the largest isle in Fiji and is also where the capitol of the country is – Suva. This also means it’s one of the best tourist destinations and rivals the other popular destination Nadi, where international flights come in from around the world. Chances are you’ll stop at this destination first and there is plenty for you to explore before you step on the interisland flight to your next destination. Some of my favourite places to visit include the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which contains mesmerizing orchids and lily ponds for you to explore. After a long flight, this is the perfect stop in order to acclimate to island life and prepare yourself for a week of relaxation.


Once you’ve given yourself a chance to get rid of any jet lag, you’ll want to head over to the other popular destination, Nadi. There is a wonderful atmosphere over here that includes much of Fiji’s island influence and traditional craftwork. Open air markets feature plenty of handcrafted goods from the locals and there are many historical and architectural temples to visit in the surrounding area. If you want to get a good idea of the history and culture of Fiji, be sure to sign up for one of the tours before you leave the area.


Helicopter tours and interisland flights are great way to see the surrounding beauty of the Fiji Islands -- one of my recommendations is to take a helicopter from the Nadi International Airport and travel to the Mamanuca Islands. If flying isn’t your thing, you can still take some day trips to the various surrounding islands on a multi-day cruise, which is also a great way to see Fiji at a relaxing pace. During your visit, you will also come across Monuriki, which was featured in the famous Tom Hanks film, Castaway.


While it’s perfectly fine to enjoy the tourist destinations in Fiji, I highly recommend that you enjoy some of the local entertainment and cultural experiences provided by the natives. Beqa Island is home to a native tribe, Sawau, which provides entertainment in the form of fire walking, which is a traditional art of the island people. It’s truly a fascinating thing to watch and the perfect addition to any trip to Fiji. Many of the resorts in the area also provide some sort of entertainment each day, especially the fire walking ceremony which I’m sure will capture your attention!


Along with watching fire walkers, there are plenty of other cultural activities to participate in with the natives. On Vanua Levu, visitors have the opportunity to tour ancient villages and take part in various ceremonies -- two of the most popular include the gift giving ceremony which is known as sevu-sevu, and all visitors must participate in kava drinking while watching beautiful traditional dances with Fiji warriors.

When you’re looking for a perfect South Pacific getaway, it’s easy to think of Fiji right away. Aside from the stunning and breathtaking sandy white beaches and turquoise waters, there are still plenty of cultural and traditional activities from the island to enjoy in order to get a well-rounded experience when you’re visiting. Be sure to balance out some of your relaxing spa retreats or lazy days on the beach with some of these ancient and interesting ceremonies.

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