Ancient ruins, spectacular coastline and top-rated beaches – where else in Mexico can you go to see all those amazing features? Tulum is home to some of the most iconic Mayan ruins and the overall landscape provides plenty of activities for those who love to get out and explore the outdoors. Whether that means diving throughout any number of the caverns or hiking through caves, Tulum’s natural topography is pretty spectacular.

Not all visitors want to experience outdoor recreation, which is what makes Tulum an ideal spot for everyone. Accommodations ranging from budget to luxurious resorts as well as a number of restaurants and shops cater to everyone’s interests and budgets. Tulum is a little different than many of Mexico’s other destinations. The city itself sits on the highway, which could make visitors think there’s not much to see or do. Throughout the center of the town, most of the street foods and budget friendly accommodations are located in this area. Just a short distance away is the coastline which is almost like stepping into a whole different part of Mexico, where there are relaxing bungalows and jewel colored waters.

All year long, Tulum’s weather is warm, which means that you can go at any point in time. Public transportation is fairly accessible, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the beach and the city center -- both of which are connected by a main road. Walking and taking the local shuttles are also available and an economical choice depending on where you’re staying. If you happen to be enjoying your time at a hotel or resort, many of the establishments provide bikes during a visit. Compared to some of Mexico’s other populated destinations, Tulum still operates mostly on a cash-only system -- make sure you’re prepared with Mexican pesos as the currency exchange is much better when switching to pesos.

While you’re in Tulum, head out and explore any number of the cenotes, which are naturally-made pools typically located within caves. Grand Cenote is one of the most popular and worth a visit! Another iconic spot to visit in Tulum is the ancient ruins, which dates back to the 11th-century and still has many architectural features to see today.