Chances are you’ll come upon Cozumel as part of a cruise ship port of call, but the gorgeous island of Cozumel needs its own holiday to enjoy all that there is to see and explore. Around the cruise ship docks, visitors will find a lot of the souvenir shops and touristy areas, but there is so much more to the island than meets the eye.

Cozumel blends Caribbean atmosphere with a lot of Mexican culture to create a unique and breathtaking destination. The coastal location means that there are some of the best diving reefs in the entire world -- perfect for those who love to snorkel or get out in that crystal blue water. Weather is pretty fabulous all year long, which makes a trip to Cozumel an ideal tropical holiday especially between the months of October and March. After a day walking the beaches or diving around the water, a walk through Cozumel town square is always a perfect way to end the day. Delicious authentic food and handmade crafts are always featured throughout the streets, but if you really want to explore Cozumel and its surrounding geography you’ll definitely want to rent a car or a scooter and head out onto one of the coastal roads.

Surrounding Cozumel are spectacular panoramic vistas and island views – not to mention the close proximity to some of the famous ancient ruins from Mayan culture. Cozumel is one of those locations in Mexico where you can either have an itinerary of things to do or you could just let your adventurous side dictate what you see and explore. Located on the tip of the gorgeous Yucatán Peninsula, Cozumel’s within driving distance to Cancun if you want to spend time driving along the coast and visiting many of the towns along the way. If you don’t feel like planning your own getaway, travel guides located throughout Cozumel will help you create a list of things to do during your stay -- some of the favorites include heading out on the water in a glass-bottom kayak or simply just snorkeling in the gorgeous tropical waters. Throughout the year Cozumel is also home to numerous festivals so chances are you will experience one during your stay!