Guatemala is a mystic Mayan country, boasting stunning ancient ruins, beautiful colonial churches and colorful highland markets. Offering an exotic wildlife, friendly people and a very interesting cultural life, Guatemala is a fascinating travel destination bound to reward you with a wonderful holiday experience!

Located just south of Mexico, this country combines Mayan, colonial and modern day traditions to a very interesting mix. Despite being fairly small it is one of the most multifaceted countries in Central America. Make sure to take some time to soak up the Mayan culture and its distinctive traditions and rituals. Visit Chichicastenango’s market, one of the most colorful and vibrant traditional markets in the Americas, and enjoy the colors, the people and the bustling atmosphere!

The heartland of the Maya is packed with archeological remains. One of the top attractions is Tikal, an ancient Mayan rainforest city, featuring beautiful temples, pyramids and an acropolis surrounded by a beautiful national park filled with wildlife. Another ancient site well worth a trip is Yaxha, which used to be the ceremonial center of the Mayas. See its Acropolis and climb temple 216 for an amazing view of the sunset over the adjacent lakes!

Among the many beautiful Guatemalan lakes is Lake Atitlán in the high country, which has been described the most beautiful lake in the world! Guatemala’s landscape combines cloud forests, active volcanoes, high mountains and green jungle ready for an adventure! Start exploring the land by bike, climbing a volcano, or trekking and zip lining through the thick green rainforest, discovering remnants of an ancient civilization. Make sure to go to the National Park Semuc Champey; after a steep hike through the jungle you can bathe in the paradisiac turquoise pools of the Cabahón River, below a series of natural limestone bridges – a truly amazing location and an unmissable experience!

Go see the pastel-colored houses of picturesque colonial Antigua, a beautiful cobble-stoned city situated at the foot of three volcanoes. One of them is active sending out puffs of smoke to be seen on clear days! Or, take a boat trip on the Rio Dulce ending in Livingston, a small town with Caribbean flair that is only accessible by water, and enjoy its beaches and interesting Garifuna culture! 

Guatemala is fairly affordable and offers many budget-friendly hostels to sleep in. Its cultural repertoire, combined with amazing natural beauty and friendly locals make this country a perfect place to go to! Start exploring this captivating wonderland today!