Costa Rica is an exciting, tropical country packed with thrilling adventures for its visitors! Whether you want to lounge on a tropical beach or have some adrenaline fun, this is the country to go to! Over two million people visit this country every year to enjoy its natural beauty and biodiversity.

Costa Rica offers long beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea as well as a fascinating, diverse wildlife and tropical vegetation in its many protected rainforests and reserves - making it a major eco-tourism destination. Help protect turtle eggs in their nests and watch the little turtles run towards the sea after hatching!

Enjoy the great surfing spots, awesome beaches and great diving opportunities on the two shores, which are only three hours apart from each other! Climb a volcano and take a bath in the hot springs, hike through dense jungle and, with some luck, spot a jaguar or quetzal in the spectacular cloud forests!

Activities like rafting, kayaking, rainforest canopy tours and abseiling down waterfalls have made Costa Rica a sought-after adventure tourism spot. Engage in one of the well-organized tours and get your adrenaline level up while having a fun time in the great outdoors!

Costa Rica is a highly developed country with a stable political system, which makes travelling very easy and also slightly more expensive than in other Latin American countries. Its beautiful nature is protected by progressive environmental policies ensuring its survival.

Discover the distinct cultures of Costa Rica’s residents, called Ticos, on a trip to the countryside, where you can experience rural life outside the mainstream tourist trails. Attend a cultural event like the Fiesta de los Diablitos and have a Chicha, a fermented corn beer, with the locals.

Costa Rica is a natural paradise offering adventure tourism and beach relaxation at once, which makes it one of the hottest travel destinations in Latin America!