The region of Central America and the Caribbean islands includes many wonderful destinations, among them the exciting and colorful countries of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Think of beautiful turquoise waters, dreamy exotic landscapes lined with endless white beaches, splendid colors, stunning sunsets and palm leaves moving in the wind. There is enchanting natural beauty to be found, as well as lots of history to be discovered. Whether you want action and adventure or a relaxed beach holiday, it's all in the mix!

There are tropical rainforests full of exciting wildlife, mountainous regions with active volcanoes, enchanting colonial cities, magical Mayan ruins and endless white beaches awaiting the adventure seekers. Go to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, climb a Guatemalan volcano or visit Mayan ruins in Mexico. See the beautiful island world of Panama, the beautiful city of Havana in Cuba or the endless white beaches of the Dominican Republic. Experience the colorful cultures varying from region to region, visit the bustling handicraft markets and buy some beautiful memories to take home. Taste the delicious local cuisines and sample coffee in Costa Rica, Tequila in Mexico and cigars in Cuba.

Go surfing, swim with turtles, zip-line across the jungle and relax in colorful cozy hammocks watching stunning sunsets. Snorkel and dive in beautiful underwater worlds and reach maximum relaxation lying on one of the many beaches overlooking turquoise waters, sipping on a delicious cocktail! As the sun sets, immerge yourself into the fiestas and dance to the rhythms of Salsa and Reggaeton.

Traveling through Central America and the Caribbean islands will have you finding temples in the jungle, walking through tropical forest on the coast, lying on endless white beaches and enjoying exotic cuisine and nightlife. This is a journey where fun and pleasure are guaranteed!