5 Perfect Reasons To Visit The Dominican Republic

5 Perfect Reasons To Visit The Dominican Republic

Written By: Carina84

Some people might think that Dominican Republic is its own island in the Caribbean, but in fact it is located on Hispaniola and shares space with Haiti. The Dominican Republic is like a tropical oasis that has warm weather all year, which means that tourists flock to this part of the island to enjoy gorgeous water, beach landscapes and visiting a number of the resorts on this side of the island.

While some people prefer to go closer to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic is actually a really great place to go when you want to experience many of the same aspects of those more expensive islands but yet it’s very affordable. I try to travel to the Dominican Republic at least once a year because it’s a place I go to relax and unwind when I want a tropical island vacation.

Every year, travel to the Dominican Republic becomes more popular -- so while I want to be hesitant and not share all of the hotspots that I’ve enjoyed during my visit, it’s only fair as a travel writer to give you an idea of what you should do when you visit the area! Once you arrive in the Dominican Republic and experience the kind, welcoming nature of locals and enjoy exploring the various villages and walking on gorgeous pristine beaches, you’ll want to keep the secret for yourself, too. Trust me!


There is no shortage to gorgeous beaches in the Dominican Republic -- one of the most popular being Punta Cana. This is probably a must-see for anybody who wants to truly experience an island getaway. What more can you ask for than coconut trees and sandy white beaches when you go on an island vacation? The crystal clear water is also perfect for scuba diving and exploring! Join a group of scuba divers and head over to Bayahibe, where you can look for shipwrecks or other interesting finds that are hidden underneath the waters.


The city of Santo Domingo is a gem. As one of the oldest cities throughout the islands, Santo Domingo features a number of historic buildings and museums. If you like to get to know the history and past of places you visit, there is plenty to do in Santa Domingo -- one thing you’ll definitely enjoy is walking through the colonial zone, which is an expansive part of the town that still features cobblestone streets. Even if you have a short amount of time in the Dominican Republic and you’re near Santo Domingo I highly recommend you spend at least some time exploring the architecture and charm of the village.


No matter where you go in the Dominican Republic – whether you want to go for a drive and head out of Santo Domingo or you prefer staying in the city -- fresh seafood and local flavors are found everywhere. When I visit this country, I try to eat exclusively local and enjoy the flavors of the region as I feel that it brings a much more complete experience to my travels than if I ate the same things out as I did while I was at home. At one point during your visit, you will definitely need to try the local favorite, La Bandera. This dish features fried plantains, rice, beans, vegetables and meats – all of the Dominican Republic staples. Of course, an island flare is featured throughout the country, which is evident when you try something like the braised red snapper or the rock lobster.


As fun as it is to spend time in Santa Domingo, I still like to get out and do some exploring away from the city. There are a number of trails to enjoy and waterfalls to explore -- one of the most popular being the Salto de Aguas Blancas. This waterfall is located in the Valle Nuevo National Park and is an astounding 83 meters high, which is one of the highest waterfalls in the Dominican Republic.


If you want to explore the Dominican Republic but stay in a resort setting, you will not have a shortage of options. One luxurious resort is the Tortuga Bay, which is the only five diamond accommodation in the country and it comes with plenty of high and amenities. Punta Cana has its fair share of adults-only resorts, which is perfect when you want to enjoy all the Dominican Republic announced offer in an upscale and swanky ambience without families or children around – which can be nice at times!

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