Dubai with the Kids

Dubai with the Kids

Written By: Bex88

Dubai always gets mixed opinions when you say you are going there on holiday, I feel that Dubai is just misunderstood. Yes it is a Muslim country and they have a strong religious culture, but it is not as conservative as people may think. You are required to dress modestly when in public places, but dressing appropriately is more a sign of respect for their culture. It is not illegal to drink alcohol and even though a lot of the local restaurants do not sell alcohol, most of the hotel resorts do. One of the restaurants at our hotel even had an unlimited alcohol option with our meal (as tempting as this was, we decided against this option, due to being responsible parents). 

The best months to visit Dubai are from November to March, as it is not too hot. We visited in February and the temperature was in the mid 20’s, which was just right for us. We had clear blue skies everyday except for the day we were leaving, where it actually rained, which seems to be a bit of a holiday tradition for us.

Atlantis the Palm Hotel

I travelled here with my husband and two kids and we stayed in the breathtaking Atlantis the Palm hotel and loved every minute of our stay. The hotel was extremely busy, as the hotel itself is a Dubai tourist attraction and it has a modern and oriental design.

Dubai is a brilliant family destination with loads to keep the kids entertained. The onsite water park is a must for adults and kids alike. Splashes Island for kids has several slides, sprinklers and tipping buckets, whilst for the more adrenaline junkies there is the Leap of Faith, which is a vertical slide that leads you through the shark tunnel and the Poseidon’s Revenge where you stand in a capsule waiting for the floor to release from beneath you causing you to plummet through the tower (the first two seconds are terrifying).

The hotel itself has a large selection of restaurants ranging from Italian, American or the more traditional Shawafel, selling Arabic street food where myself and my husband indulged in a Lebanese wrap (yummy).

Dubai Parks & Resorts

Another must for the kids, is a trip to Dubai Parks & Resorts, four theme parks in one. We chose to go to Legoland and Motiongate. Legoland is brilliant for young kids and the Lego village of all the famous landmarks in Dubai is brilliant. Not only is there theme park rides and shops, but there is also a large selection of restaurants and when we visited they had a show in the early evening of traditional Arabic dancing, something to really appreciate their culture.

Burj Khalifa

One thing that you have to see whilst in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with some amazing views of the Dubai city. We were able to see the islands of the world and could even see the Palm Atlantis hotel in the distance. However prepare yourselves for queues, lots and lots of queues even if you pre book your tickets you will still have to queue and with two under fives, the kids did begin to get a tad restless.

The views were totally worth the stressful queue though and we were then able to treat ourselves to cheesecake afterwards at the Dubai mall, which is another must. A selection of every kind of cheesecake that you could imagine. We had a slice each (which we instantly regretted). The slices are huge, so I would suggest sharing between two.

Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains & The Burj Kalifa Light Show

Whilst visiting Dubai, I would recommend taking time out and doing some retail therapy at Dubai mall (something I can never do with two kids). You could get lost in here for days, as one of the worlds largest shopping malls, it has all your designer and high street shops, cinema, inside skiing and Huge aquarium. There is a large selection of restaurants and most of them have outdoor seating, which is perfect if you are wanting to watch the Dubai fountains. The fountains perform every 30 minutes and can get very crowded, but In between this you can also watch the Burj Khalifa light show, which is equally as fascinating.

For The Kids

Something for the kids, which you can’t do anywhere else is watching a movie on the beach at night with the Palm Atlantis in the background and the view of Dubai city. You can sit all snuggled up on beanbags with blankets and best of all it’s free, you only need to pay for any drinks or snacks.

Is Dubai Expensive?

A lot of people will tell you that Dubai is an expensive city to visit. However I say that a holiday can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. We dined in some fairly nice, but modestly priced restaurants, where a main meal on average came to just under £20. Also rather than going to the hotel buffet restaurant every morning which cost about £30pp and had lengthy queue’s (who has time for that on holiday) we would get a coffee and pastry at Illy’s café, which not only was reasonably priced, but also had the view of the aquarium. The kids also loved having chocolate croissant’s for breakfast, as they know they would never get that at home.

However one thing that is expensive in Dubai is alcohol with a small glass of wine costing about £8.

Getting around Dubai is fairly easy with the monorail across the palm and plenty of taxi’s. Taxi’s are fairly reasonably priced with a 20 minute journey costing less than £20 and there are always staff on board ready to help you in and out of taxi’s.

Dubai is a truly wonderful and interesting city, which makes an ideal break for couples and families alike and I definitely hope to return at some point in the near future.

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